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Last updated: 24 May 2011

About me

Love to cook, read, crochet, sew, ride horses, walk, hike. I'm not your average woman... For many reasons I don't share my best recipes with people. I don't want everyone being able to make the things they love best because then I'll no longer be needed. Besides, I worked hard to perfect the things I make, especially the ones that are most loved, and don't think those recipes should just be given away. I paid my dues to develope them and they are something to be earned, like I had to do.

Favourite things to cook
mexican dishes, deserts, cookies, pies, and things that aren't common. I like to take a recipe, make it once and then fidddle with it until it becomes my own. I have many recipes that I don't think I could ever right down because I don't measure things out but cook "by eye", if ya know what I mean.
Family cooking traditions
I am the only one of 6 kids that really got interested in cooking. Most my famlily members do it because it has to be done and never stray from a recipe and get quite freaked out when I suggest they do.
Cooking triumphs
I make the best baked beans ever and all my friends will make sure they conme to diner on the nights I make them. I also make a ham tetrizinni that makes your mouth water Mt blueberry/apple/pear pie is out of this world.
Cooking tragedies
Tjere has been a few failures along the way of experiemts but nothing that was really ever a tragedy

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