How to temper chocolate

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How to temper chocolate
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Tempering chocolate redistributes the cocoa butter in chocolate, making it more homogenous, brilliant and easier to work with. Tempering chocolate is recommended when making homemade truffles, chocolate Easter eggs and other chocolate confections. Read on to learn how to temper chocolate using two different methods.

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Method 1: Using a marble surface

The preferred way to temper chocolate is by using a clean and dry marble surface. This can be any marble slab, board or surface. A granite kitchen counter also works well. Simply pour melted chocolate onto the clean and dry surface.

How to melt chocolate
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With the chocolate on your marble work surface, start stirring back and forth with a spatula. Do this several times, back and forth, scraping the chocolate up from the surface as you go along. Test the chocolate with a skewer - if it feels cool against your lips, it is tempered and ready to use. If it is still warm, continue stirring until the chocolate is cool.
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Method 2: In the double boiler

If you don't have a marble or granite surface available, another way to temper is directly in the double boiler. First melt the chocolate in a double boiler (watch how here).
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Once the chocolate is melted, remove it from the heat. Ensure that no water or steam touches the chocolate, as the chocolate will seize. Directly in the bowl, stir the chocolate well with a spatula for several minutes, then test with a skewer as above. Your chocolate is tempered once it is cool to the touch.
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