Healthy Christmas dinner menu

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Healthy Christmas dinner menu
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You needn't sacrifice the traditional favourites such as turkey and stuffing for a healthy Christmas dinner menu. We have loads of healthy recipes, tips and tricks that will help you to keep your Christmas menu both healthy and delicious!

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Smoked salmon spread
This delectable smoked salmon spread calls for 450g of cream cheese, amounting to 103.5g of fat and all the calories that come with it. By using light cream cheese instead, you will save 51.7g of fat. If you use extra light, you'll save a whopping 82g. Serve with crudites, toasted thinly sliced baguette or healthy rye crackers.

Fig and ricotta crostini
These moreish nibbles have just 93 kcal and 1.8g of fat per crostini. Use light ricotta to make them even more diet friendly.

Mini spinach and feta rolls
A vegetarian alternative to the much loved sausage roll. Skipping the sausagemeat and using spinach and feta means these are healthier and lighter than the traditional version.
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Butternut squash soup
This soup is low fat, healthy and delicious, with only 6.8g of fat per large bowl. For a pretty presentation, swirl in 1 spoon of half fat creme fraiche, which has less than 2g of fat and 25 kcal. Then sprinkle with fresh chopped herbs or a dusting of paprika.

Chestnut soup
This rich and delicious chestnut soup has less than 8g of fat and 200 kcal per serving. To save even more fat and calories, use half fat soured cream and make due with less butter than called for in the recipe - going from 125g of butter to 75g of butter saves a total of 41g of fat and 357 kcal.

Leek and cauliflower soup
This winter soup tastes luxuriously creamy without any cream. Garnish with fresh chopped herbs or grated nutmeg.

Roquefort, pear and pecan salad
A crisp winter salad makes a lovely Christmas starter, and this one is special enough to impress. Roquefort is full of flavour, meaning a little goes a long way. Using just 25g of cheese per portion and a healthy olive oil-based vinaigrette makes this a smart choice.
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Side dishes


Cranberry chestnut stuffing
Chestnuts are low in fat and already found in many stuffing recipes. This recipe skips the sausagemeat for less fat and calories, and adds cranberries for a healthy and tasty kick.

Mushroom stuffing
With mushrooms, apples and only 10g of fat per serving, this stuffing is a winner. You can easily omit 30g of butter and use egg whites instead of whole eggs to save on more fat and calories.

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Creme fraiche mash
Opt for mashed potatoes and make them with half fat creme fraiche instead of butter and/or cream. 100ml of half fat creme fraiche has just over 12g of fat, while 100g of butter has over 81g.

Baked potato
A simple baked potato is also a delicious option, and a healthful alternative to roasties. And instead of slathering the baked potato in butter, try a spoonful or two of half fat soured cream or creme fraiche mixed with chopped chives.

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Roasted roots
This recipe uses a combination of apple juice, white wine and a bit of butter to roast all your favourite root vegetables. The result is a side dish that is full of fibre, with only 5.1g of fat per portion.

Red cabbage
Red cabbage not only looks festive, but it is low in calories and big on flavour. This easy recipe uses apples for a hint of sweetness instead of loading up on added sugar, and has less than 5g of fat per portion. Omit the last bit of butter at the end to shave off 14g of of fat and 100 kcal.

Butternut squash mash
A colourful alternative to mashed potatoes, this butternut mash is already a smart option at less than 10g of fat per portion, but you can easily shave off more by using 75g of butter or margarine instead of the 125g.

Roasted Brussels sprouts
These tasty sprouts have 7.3g of fat per portion, and are coated in olive oil for a saturated fat and cholesterol friendly alternative to butter. Trim the oil by 1 tablespoon to save 14g of fat.

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Roast turkey breast

Turkey breast is leaner than chicken breast, and with the right roasting technique can be both healthy and fabulously moist.

Cranberry stuffed roast turkey
This recipe combines turkey breast with stuffing and cranberries for a special and festive dish that comes in at under 20g of fat per portion.

Both of these recipes have less than 10g of fat per portion:

Roast turkey breast with Tudor stuffing
Roast turkey breast crown
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Pork fillet

While not a traditional Christmas dish, a well roasted pork fillet is succulent and delicious, can make a festive centrepiece and is a naturally lean cut of meat.

Roast apple sherry pork fillet
This recipe includes an apple and sherry sauce while coming in at just 367 kcal and 6.7g of fat per portion.

More healthy roast pork fillet recipes:

Stuffed roast pork
Burgundy pork fillet
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Cranberry sauce

Cranberries are extremely healthy, high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Cranberry sauce, however, can be very high in sugar since cranberries are so tart. Making the sauce with an additional fruit lends added sweetness while reducing the amount of added sugar. Give these recipes a go:

Raspberry cranberry sauce
Chunky cranberry sauce
Cranberry chutney
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Bread sauce

Use semi-skimmed milk instead of full fat milk to lighten up your bread sauce by half. Full fat milk has 9g of fat per 250ml, while semi-skimmed has 4.3g.

Bread sauce recipes

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Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding is typically low in fat, but it's what is served with it that counts. Try light custard made with semi-skimmed milk, or buy a good quality low fat vanilla custard from the supermarket.

Very fruity Christmas pudding
Apple and carrot Christmas pudding
All Christmas pudding recipes

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Other desserts

Cranberry apple crumble
With 13g of fat per portion, this festive apple crumble is sensible and oh-so delicious. Serve with light custard or frozen yoghurt.

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Gingerbread cake
This traditional and top-rated gingerbread cake has just 281 kcal and 8.4g of fat per portion. Again, serve with something smart - light custard, or even try cream cheese icing made with light cream cheese.

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Cranberry cake
This pretty cranberry cake is made with olive oil and egg whites, meaning less saturated fat and cholesterol, but no skimping on flavour. The buttermilk keeps the cake decadently moist.

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Low fat shortbread
This shortbread is so close to the real thing, no one will ever guess it is missing butter!

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Goat's cheese chocolate truffles
These truffles are decadent and rich, but missing the fat and calorie-laden butter that most truffles contain. Instead, fresh goat's cheese is used, lending delicious creaminess without nearly as many calories, fat and cholesterol.

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