Vegetarian Christmas dinner menu

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Vegetarian Christmas dinner menu
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Check out these vegetarian Christmas dinner ideas, whether you're making a 100% vegetarian meal, or need ideas for vegetarians at your Christmas table.

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  • Comment: JuliaAttwood

    If you are cooking for vegetarian guests, and don't know much about vegetarianism yourself, please make sure all cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet - parmesan never is, but there are good veggie alternatives.
    Posted: 25 May 2013

    Comment: Allrecipes

    Thanks for catching this glitch, magsh!
    Posted: 12 Dec 2011

    Comment: MagsH

    I am disappointed to see you have suggested a side dish that contains meat.
    Posted: 12 Dec 2011
    • MagsH
    • Intermediate
    • Nottingham, UK


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