Community spotlight: food gifts

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Community spotlight: food gifts
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We asked our community of home cooks on Facebook to share their food gift ideas. Read on to see which gifts are being cooked and baked across the country!

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Claire buys 90p glass jars and fills them with dry cookie ingredients. She then writes out the recipe on last year's Christmas cards, recycled into tags, and ties them to each jar with ribbon.

Cranberry pecan cookie mix in a jar
Gingerbread biscuit mix in a jar
Winter lentil soup mix in a jar
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Kathryn is also filling jars, but she's filling her Kilner jars with chocolate brownie mix!

Brownie mix in a jar
Brownie gift in a jar
Coconut blondie mix in a jar
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Charleigh makes personalised cupcakes. Her sister, for example, likes her 'bling', so she's getting a cupcake with edible glitter baked in a leopard print paper case.

How to make cupcakes
How to ice cupcakes
Cupcake recipes
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Hannah makes Christmas hampers teeming with Christmas cake, cranberry fudge, peppermint creams, mini Christmas puddings, mince pies and gingerbread biscuits. Her finishing touches are a clove-studded orange and cinnamon sticks tied together with ribbon. "This is great for relatives and family friends," she says.
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For all the young ones in the family, last year Zena filled small brown bags with cookie ingredients, then tied mini rolling pins and Christmas-shaped cutters to each bag. She then made gift tags, each with a photo of the child receiving the bag - that way the really young ones could see which present was theirs. "They were a BIG hit!"
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Helen is making "Gingerbread trees with icing and silver balls on them - all wrapped in cellophane and ribbon."

Christmas tree gingerbread
Ginger biscuit recipes
How to make gingerbread men
More ideas

Everyone loves fudge, which is why so many of those we chatted with on Facebook said they were making it for food gifts at Christmas. We've loads of fudge recipes and a foolproof fudge guide to help beginners.

Beryl recommended One bowl chocolate fudge, leaving out the nuts.

Might sound difficult, but truffles aren't hard to make and the flavour options are endless. During our Facebook chat, Bethan mentioned she'd love to make truffles, but was worried they might be hard to make. Beryl recommended this recipe: "These truffles are amazing, taste like cheesecake and really easy to do".

Emma is making raspberry-infused vodka, a welcome gift indeed! We have more homemade liqueurs that are easy to make and nice to drink:
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Join us on Facebook to start up your own conversation with the community! We post daily and are always ready to help with your cooking queries.

Also check out our entire collection of Food gifts for loads more ideas!
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    What great ideas! I love to give gifts I make, and needed new ideas. I especially like the idea of jars filled with a dried soup mix.
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