Cake sale tips and ideas

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Cake sale tips and ideas
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Whether you're a confident baker or a novice, it's easy to wow customers with your cake sale inventory! From cupcakes to traybakes, read on for easy, enticing and economical ideas, tips and recipes.

Pretty packaging
Take a simple recipe – like Oat biscuits or Shortbread – then wrap a few in a cellophane bag tied with a colourful ribbon. It'll dress up something that might otherwise look ordinary and uninspiring.
Bite-size beauties
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There's something about cakes in miniature that everyone loves. Try mini-muffins or bite-sized brownies. Wrap up three to five bite-sized items and sell them in a bundle.
Rocky road bites
Wholesome pumpkin bites
Mini brownies (pictured)
Forget the mess
Transporting cupcakes with icing can get messy. Try icing at the point of sale: Fill a reclosable food bag with the icing at home, then once you're ready, cut off a corner and pipe the icing onto the cakes.
Enticing offers
Sell more by pricing in groups: '3 chocolate chip cookies for £1' or 'Muffins £2 each or Buy two get one free'.
Grab attention
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Grab punters' attention with unique but easy-to-make goods that will differentiate your cake sale from others. Some ideas:
Homemade marshmallows
Rocky road traybake
Chilli chocolate cupcakes
Digestive biscuit bars (pictured)
Remember what works
Any small, portable item is fair game. People should be able to eat what they buy with their hands. Anything that's gooey, messy or delicate might not hold up and could be hard to transport.
More ideas
Check out our entire collection of Cake sale recipes for hundreds of delicious ideas!
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  • Comment: The_Dinosaur

    AnnetteDimond to sell cakes/food to the public your premises need to be registered with your local authority (you will then receive a visit from your local environmental health officer to check that your kitchen meets the required standard), you must also have public liability insuramce. Most venues which offer stands example food festivals will require you to show your public liability certificate
    Posted: 10 Sep 2012
    I would like to sell cakes but not sure where to do it😊
    Posted: 10 Sep 2012 Easy
    As a celebration cake maker of 34 years its important to get your costing right. Your example of 3 cookies for a £1.00 means that you the baker are paying the customer to take these items off your hands. Years ago I costed out chocolate chip cookies they worked out at 18p each but that did not take into account the electricity charge for the oven the packaging and most importantly my time.
    Posted: 10 Sep 2012 Easy


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