How to joint a chicken

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Learn how to joint a whole chicken to save money and waste less. Whole chickens are cheaper than buying ready-prepared pieces, and you'll also be able to use various parts to make homemade chicken stock.
What you'll need
1 whole chicken
Sharp chef's knife
Cutting board

1 How to joint a chicken step picture 1
Pull the wing away from the body and separate the wing from the breast by cutting through the joint.
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Pull the leg away from the body. Separate the leg by cutting through the skin, then following the contour of the leg with your knife. Once you've cut through the skin, bend the thigh joint back to pop the ball joint out of the socket. Once out, cut along the hip bone to remove the leg, ensuring you include the "oyster".
Chicken oysters
There are two "oysters" in a chicken. They are two small, round pieces of dark meat on the back, in a hollow area just above the thigh. The oyster meat is coveted by many for its flavour and texture.
Repeat steps one and two with the other side of the chicken.
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Separate the backbone from the breast by cutting lengthways through the rib bones along the spine.
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On the underside of the breast, free the keel bone (the wedge of cartilage between the breasts) by making several cuts with the knife on either side. Separate it from the breast with your thumb and pull away from the meat. Slice through the centre (where the keel bone was) to separate the breasts.
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To remove the breastbone, cut away from the meat along the contours of the ribs, pulling the bones away from the breast as you work.
7 How to joint a chicken step picture 7
If desired, separate the leg into the drumstick and the thigh by cutting along the natural bend and cutting right through the joint. You can do the same with the wing, if liked.
8 How to joint a chicken step picture 8
Reserve the leftover bones to make stock. You can put them straight in the freezer if you won't be making stock right away.
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