How to separate eggs

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There's more than one way to separate eggs! Watch our video to see how to separate eggs no less than four different ways.

Method 1 - With the shell
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Crack the egg open carefully so you don't break the yolk. Working over a bowl, gently transfer the yolk back and forth between the two shell halves, letting the white fall into the bowl below. Once the yolk is separated, transfer it to a second bowl.
Method 2 - With your hand
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Crack the egg open as before. With your free hand placed over a bowl, let the entire egg fall into your hand. Open your fingers slightly so that the white can pass through to the bowl. Once the yolk is separated, place in a second bowl.
Method 3 - With a funnel
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Crack open the egg and empty into a funnel placed over a bowl. Gently shake the funnel until all of the egg white goes into the bowl below, then transfer the yolk to another bowl.
Method 4 - With a bottle
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Crack the egg into a bowl. Using an empty plastic bottle, squeeze the bottle and place the opening over the yolk. Gently open your hand to release some pressure from the bottle; the yolk will rise up into the bottle. Transfer the yolk to a second bowl by releasing all pressure from the bottle.
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