How to slice a cheesecake

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How to slice a cheesecake
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A step-by-step guide for cutting cheesecakes into clean, professional-looking slices.

Although cutting and serving a cheesecake or an iced layer cake is quite straightforward, these tricks can give you restaurant-perfect slices.

To begin, use a hot knife for each cut. To do this, fill a tall container - like a jug, carafe or vase - with hot water from the tap deep enough to cover the entire blade of your knife. Dip the knife into the hot water, and wipe it dry on a clean towel before making a cut. The constant dipping and cleaning will prevent pieces of cake or smears of icing from the previous slice from attaching the next slice.
Dental floss?
Some cooks cut cheesecakes using a piece of taut fishing line or dental floss across the whole width of the cake if you want to give that a go!
Depending on the size of your cake, you may choose to cut it into 12 or 16 slices. If cutting the cake into 12 even slices, begin by cutting the cake into quarters, then cut each quarter into thirds. Pull the knife out from the side of the cake, rather than lifting it through the top, for a smooth cut.
To yield 16 slices, cut the cake into quarters, cut each quarter in half, and cut each half in half again. For twelve slices, use the numbers on a clock as your guide. For odd-numbered servings or to cut the cake in 10 slices, lightly score the surface of the cake before slicing to gauge the size of the pieces. If your knife isn't long enough to reach across the cake, start from the centre and work outwards.
The tricky first slice
The first slice is the hardest to remove. Run a knife or narrow spatula along the bottom of the cake between the crust and the pan before lifting the first slice upward, outward, and onto a serving plate.
If you're serving a plain cheesecake, you may wish to garnish the slices individually. Chocolate sauces or berry purees are always popular. Another idea is to put some soured cream underneath the cheesecake and a dollop of good-quality strawberry jam on top. The sweet jam and the soured cream make a delicious blend with the cheesecake.
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