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Get seven top tips for perfect pasta every time.

Whether you are bottling fresh fruits from the market or from your own garden, home bottling is fun, rewarding and economical. Here you find the basics of safe boiling water bottling and valuable bottling tips.

Use this helpful guide to find baking and cooking conversions between metric, imperial and US cup measures.

You can adapt many conventional recipes for the slow cooker. Any oven or hob recipe that has some moisture in it - whether it is water, stock, wine or sauce - will work in your slow cooker.

Want light, airy and deliciously chewy bread? Kneading the dough is a vital step when baking yeast breads, and we'll show you how in four basic steps.

Learn how to make pancakes with these foolproof step-by-step directions and photos, and you will never be defeated by a pancake again! Served with sugar and lemon, these pancakes are a favourite on Pancake Day or anytime.

Use this straightforward table as an oven temperature guide to convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit and Gas mark.

Welcome in any Christmas hamper or as a treat round Halloween, fudge is a favourite for gift-giving. Learn how to avoid grainy, crystallised fudge and make batches of several different flavours to wow your family and friends.

Learn how to sterilise jars and lids using two methods - by boiling and in the oven. Sterlising jars is an essential step when bottling and preserving jam, fruit, chutney, veggies and more.

Ever watch celebrity chefs with envy as they chop everything with ease? Learn these few basic knife skills to rival the chopping prowess of any chef!


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