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Learn how to make pancakes with these foolproof step-by-step directions and photos, and you will never be defeated by a pancake again! Served with sugar and lemon, these pancakes are a favourite on Pancake Day or anytime.

When the work week gets a little crazy, home-cooked meals made in advance are a true life saver! Learn how to freeze with ease with these stress-busting tips.

Easy to prepare, beans are a cheap and healthy way to eat. For such tiny little things, beans offer some pretty big health benefits. Not only are they high in protein, fibre, calcium, potassium and iron, but beans can also lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer and protect against ulcers.

Use this helpful guide to find baking and cooking conversions between metric, imperial and US cup measures.

Tempering chocolate redistributes the cocoa butter in chocolate, making it more homogenous, brilliant and easy to work with.

Never underestimate the power of a perfect roast chicken. An example of the beauty of simplicity, roast chicken has the power to comfort, satisfy and impress.

Learn how to make a roux, step by step, with our easy guide. Used for thickening sauces, soups and gravy, knowing how to make a roux is an essential piece of cooking knowledge that will come in handy again and again.

Learn how to stir fry with ease so that you can stop ordering takeaways and instead make your family a colourful, healthy supper in mere minutes! Stir-frying is also a great way to stretch your pennies. Many stir-fry recipes call for lots of onion, carrots and cabbage which are cheaper veggies, while pricey chicken, pork or prawns are used in smaller amounts.

Give a single courgette plant a sunny location and it will give you enough courgettes all summer for a family of four.

When you're carving your Halloween pumpkin, don't bin the seeds! Pumpkin seeds make a tasty and healthy snack, and also work a treat sprinkled over salads and muffins.


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