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Learn how to bake with our easy baking tips. Whether you fancy fluffy muffins, chewy cookies or moist cakes, we have all the baking tips and tricks you'll ever need!
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Baked cheesecake recipes needn't be daunting with these easy tips.

Learn how to make cookies with these helpful tips and techniques, which will help you to make cookies - from chocolate chip cookies to oatmeal cookies - perfect every time.

Use this helpful guide to find baking and cooking conversions between metric, imperial and US cup measures.

Use this straightforward table as an oven temperature guide to convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit and Gas mark.

Baking doesn't get much easier than muffins. Learn how to turn out perfect muffins for quick breakfasts and on-the-go snacks.

Find tips on how to make Christmas cut-out biscuits that are loads of fun to make with the kids.

Bread baking is both an art and a science. Read on to learn how to proof yeast, handle dough and test for doneness.

Wondering how to make a sponge cake? The perfect sponge cake need not be elusive. Hone your sponge cake baking skills with these handy tips.

Learn how to make cheesecake with our easy step-by-step guide. With foolproof photos and fail-safe tips, you're guaranteed a perfect baked cheesecake every time.

Want perfect gingerbread biscuits for Christmas? We have tried-and-tested tips to make gingerbread biscuit baking fun and easy, and you're sure to have fun with the whole family decorating!


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