Gardening tips (20)

Are you looking to grow your own fruits, herbs and vegetables? Our gardening articles give you all the tips you need to get started! Harvest your own organically grown produce and enjoy the fruits of your labour!
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Weeding is a necessary chore. The best way to beat the weeds is by mulching and hand-weeding regularly. Using herbicides is dangerous and not advisable.

After preparing the soil and acclimating your seedlings outdoors, you can plant your seedlings in a few steps in your garden.

Compost – a rich soil-like material made from organic waste from your kitchen and garden – is the single most valuable soil amendment you can give your garden, or container plants.

Landless gardeners with a sunny patio can grow herbs, prize-worthy cherry tomatoes, lettuce, onions and other vegetables, and even strawberries in containers.

Read on to learn what to do when insects, disease or wildlife go after your plants.

Learn how to time the planting of your crops. Some crops you can seed directly in your garden. Others you will need to start indoors or buy transplants. We walk you through both methods.

Locating your garden, planning its layout and preparing the soil are key to your future gardening success. We provide a checklist of things to consider before you start digging.

Proper soil preparation, adding just enough fertiliser and observing the rules of crop rotation will improve your yields and the health of your garden.

The tiniest garden plot or a few pots on a sunny balcony can supply you with fresh and dried herbs year round. Most herbs are easy plants to grow.

You can seed lettuce from spring to autumn providing you with a constant supply of lettuce all season. There are many varieties from which to choose.


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