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An authentic South Vietnamese-style pho. A richly seasoned beef stock is served with rice noodles and thinly sliced beef.
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17 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: LIZZY217
This had great flavor, I will definitely make it again. I made a few changes to the recipe. Per other reviews, I used lemongrass instead of daikon radish. I also used beef soup bones instead of beef knuckle, as I was unable to find any. I wanted to leave it in the crock pot all day, so I started the soup bones the night before on low, then added the oxtail and flavor ingredients in the morning. I cranked it up to high to get it up to the recommended crock pot temperature, then let it simmer on low all day. Finally, to remove most of the fat, I ladled the end product into a ziplock gallon bag and let the fat float to the surface, then cut away a small piece of the corner to drain out the broth. I pinched off the stream before the fat came through for a nice, lean broth (do this step in batches).
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17 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: nammacooks
My daughter dated a man from Vietnam and he introduced me to pho. I loved the pho his mother made and the pho we ordered at restaurants. I tried this recipe and it was great but I have to admit that I like it better when someone else makes it. I probably won't make it again but it was fun to try.
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10 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: shareforrichness
Very good! Just what I needed to try making pho for the first time. I changed it a little after reviewing lots of other recipes & member comments. I used two 3-inch pieces of ginger root, charred, peeled & sliced lenghthwise; revised spices to 10 whole star anise, 4 whole cloves & toasted them with the cinnamon stick in a dry skillet to bring out the flavors. Charred the 2 onions, placed them hot in a plastic bag wrapped in a towel,& let sweat for 10 minutes before peeling. Then quartered & added the now soft and sweet onion to the broth to be removed with the bones & spices. I needed to add boullion cubes to get more beef flavor. Next time I'll start with a gallon of water & add as needed. Having the butcher slice a roast thin enough to see through was a great idea; placed atop the hot noodles in the heated bowls, it cooked instantly when the boiling broth was poured over. There's enough sliced roast left for more pho or stir-fries. My spouse said "delicious, did this take you a long time to make?" I said "Eight hours". I didn't tell him that included the shopping-&-putting-things-away time & the 6+ hours of slow simmer. So cooks! Don't be afraid try this! It's easier than chili and can be adapted to fit your slow cooker-or use your canner to make the whole batch. It delicately scents the air--breathe deep! I served with sprigs of Anise basil & cilantro; sliced jalepeno & green onion; & quartered lime. To start, we had Summer Rolls & dipping sauce(recipes this site).
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24 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: kodflakes
Very good recipe really close to the places I know and I coudnt get any knuckle in less than 8 lbs so i used beef back ribs in place got em for 1.25 a lb lots of flavor excellent guideline for a white guy to figure out pho
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04 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: Clarissa
This pho rivals what I've had in some relatively expensive restaurants. I couldn't get my hands on oxtails or beef knuckle, so I used beef shank. I also had to omit the radish because I couldn't find it. Those changes were very minor, and did not affect the outcome. I also suggest making the broth a day ahead and skimming the fat off the top prior to reheating.
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25 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: kg
"FANTASTIC"...." Unbelieveable", "Must" try recipe
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31 May 2009
Reviewed by: Bud W
Great Pho. I made it per recipe and it was very good. I will make two changes to adjust to my own taste. I would cut the star anise pods by half and only add 1.5 gallons of water. I had to simmer it an additional 2-3 hours to reduce the volume to up the beef flavor. I believe it will be resturant quality with these adjustments. I would serve it to dinner guest any time.
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03 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: cinderelly007
Best recipe for pho I've ever tried. I omit the daikon, but this broth is Excellent! TIP for slicing the beef: Put it in the freezer until it's partially frozen (or thaw it until it's still partly frozen). This allows you to slice it very thinly because it's firmer and sturdier.
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30 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: Jenn Stavert
I didn't have six hours but knew I wanted the authentic taste Therefore I followed the recipe ingredients and made a rush broth boiling the fatty side of a leftover roast and a few meat chunks of beef for flavour. The roast was really rare and it is also what I cut up thin for the soup. After boiling the meat for 15 minutes I added the oher broth ingredients including the onion and ginger, I omited the cinnamon stick and anise pods as I was out and instead sprinkled in a pinch or two little golden dragon chinese five spice which consists of fennel, anise seed, ginger, clove, cinnamon. In the end I drained the broth and added thinly slices onion cut in rings the rare roast and noodles. It did the trick and in less then 40 minutes we were eating very authentic Beef pho. Given the short cut my husband and I both agreed it was a lot like the real thing.
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02 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: kitchengal
This was extremely good! I made a whole Pho Platter and my family (even less adventurous eaters) loved it. I served it with a side of Bok Choy, sauteed in sesame oil and garlic and it was delicious.
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