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Bo Nuong Xa (Vietnamese Beef Skewers)

These beef skewers are marinated in a flavourful lemon grass marinade, and can be barbecued or grilled. A traditional Vietnamese dish, best if dipped in Nuaoc Cham sauce.
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25 Feb 2001
Reviewed by: ORCHID145
What this recipe lacks is an essential ingredient. The beef is traditionally served with rice vermicelli which can be easily prepared in the following way: 1-soak the vermicelli for about one hour in cold water. Hot water ruins it. 2-have a pot of boiling hot water ready and a hand strainer full of the limp noodles. Dip in for about 30 seconds to 45 seconds and take out. While dipping use chopsticks to mix the noodles around in the striner. 3-continue with remaining noodles until all are cooked. lemongrass tip--put lemongrass stalks in food processor (add a small bit of water if dry)and freeze in small usable portions for future, saves time in the future for other dishes like the beef and or use on chicken.
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27 Aug 2003
Reviewed by: Bleu Belle
As with almost every Vietnamese dish I've eaten and cooked, this is a savory and addictive, awesomely good and simple recipe, especially when the dish is served with sauteed vegetables, sesame green beans and jasmine rice (as mentioned by a previous reviewer) or vermicelli (as mentioned by another). I agree that the lemongrass must be pulverized with a mortar & pestle or in a food processor (you can also buy frozen pulverized lemongrass in little plastic cups in some Asian markets). Additionally, only the tender interior of the fresh lemongrass should be used for this as the outer leaves are too fibrous. My one comment about this dish is that it is much more authentic and tastier made with fish sauce (Vietnamese nuoc mam, Thai nam pla or even Filipino patis) instead of soy sauce, which I know can sometimes be harder to find than the readily available soy sauce. NOTE: the fish sauce I mention is *NOT* the sweetened American kind served as a dip with fried fish, but the Asian version made from fermented fish. Soy sauce makes it universal for everybody to make, and still creates a terrific dish. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!
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17 Jul 2001
Reviewed by: RILEYSHOUSE
The flavors here are awesome, but if kids will be eating this too, I'd put some of the marinade for the kids's portions in a seperate dish before adding the pepper called for in the recipe. Use most of it in the adults marinade but add just a sprinkle for the kids. Also, gently pound the lemongrass stalks with a mallet or hammer to help them release their flavor once chopped. This dish will definitely impress guests!
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01 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: bbqfool
I'm Vietnamese so I know authentic asian bbq. this is pretty good. i would grab the lemon grass if at all possible because that's the kicker. some people have subbed for lemon juice. don't let the "lemon" in lemon grass fool you. they ate totally different things. When I bbq i usually bbq a few skewers first then adjust the marinade to taste. If you try this recipe, feel blessed cause we don't be giving out ancient secrets out all the time.
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25 Jul 2001
Excellent dish! I had no grill, skewers or lemon grass, so I used lemon juice on the steak, baked it for 20 minutes at 350 degrees, and then combined it with the vegetable portion in a large bowl. Man, this was great food! Try it with authentic fried rice!
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30 Jul 2002
This is fun as well as delicious. Along with the Nuaoc Cham sauce, it's a big hit with my whole family, especially the children.
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09 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: RACHEL1070
This wasn't bad. I proably won't make again. Would not go out and buy lemon grass for just this recipe. I would recomment serving this over the lettuce and putting Nuaoc Cham Sauce over it. For some reason my review of how to make the sauce got deleted?????? Here is how you make th sauce: 2 coloves garlic mniced,1 tea crushed red pepper flakes, 3 tbs white sugar, 2 tbs lime/lemon juice, 4 tbs fish sauce, 1 cup water. Mix it all together.
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27 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: Cara
I added about 2 inches of grated ginger to the marinade, and we cooked these over an open fire while camping. To serve, we tossed the meat with rice vermicelli, fresh julienne carrots, red peppers, snap peas and green onions, mint, corriander and basil, and topped with crushed peanuts and Nuoc Cham sauce (crush together 1 clove garlic, 2.5 tsp sugar and a pinch of chili pepper powder; add 2 tbsp fish sauce, 1/8 fresh lime juiced, 2.5 tbsp water or to taste). This was absolutely spectacular!
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26 Oct 2003
Reviewed by: Karlie
For me, I thought there was too much pepper taste. My husband on the other hand thought he had died and gone to heaven. Will make it again for him. thanks for the recipe.
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07 Jan 2001
Reviewed by: Nicole1
Made this for family and guests - everyone raved over it - even the kids asked for seconds! I partially froze the beef so I could slice it nice and thin. I also doubled the marinade and used dried lemon grass instead of fresh. Will make again!
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