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Brandied Peppercorn Steak

This is an elegant preparation for steak, served with a luscious brandy and peppercorn sauce.
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02 Nov 2001
Reviewed by: COMDOC
This is an excellent recipe that is easy to make with a sauce that is to die for. Serve with a good red wine to bring out the truely remarkable flavors of this dish.
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29 Aug 2002
Reviewed by: FRED NIELSON
This was an excellent tasting steak. The sauce was absolutely delicious. I found it a bit dry though. I think the cooking time may have been too long. This one will stay in my Recipe file. Try it with Cabernet Sauvignon. Yummy!
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10 Aug 2007
Reviewed by: EILISH40
Have made similar brandied steaks but the flavor of the oil in these is much better. Will not use round steak - much too dry. Prefer strip loin or sirloin. Certainly impressive company fare. Thanks.
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09 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: AlaskaAggie
This recipe is good, but not perfect. Make sure you go easy on the salt to avoid having an extremely salty pan sauce. Further, if your are using a thicker cut of meat, I would suggest searing the steaks on both sides and finishing in a hot oven (obviously use a oven-proof pan). This provides much beeter results with the meat as opposed to an excessively long pan-fry as noted. The oil made from the sage, rosemary, and thyme is great!
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07 Feb 2006
Reviewed by: TINAFRANCO
The meat you should use for this recipe is Chateaubriand not top round as suggested.
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11 Aug 2007
Reviewed by: MARSHMALO
This was very good! Demi-glace is a bit hard to find--I ended up going to a smaller grocery store to find it. I halved the salt, used margarine instead of butter, and used half and half. It was a little bit salty, but that's because I didn't "clarify" the margarine. To ignite the brandy, I lit the end of an uncooked linguine noodle and put the tip in the sauce. I also made the roux, but thought the sauce was thick enough after adding the half and half. I used the top round steak, which ended up a little tough. I would suggest buying a better cut. The sauce was SO good, though, that the meat toughness almost didn't matter!
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29 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: rockstar
I did not use the roux and I only cooked 8 minutes per side. I also used half and half instead of heavy cream. Absolutely awsome!! Next time I am going to try some Drambuie fresh out of the freezer for a topping!
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26 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Dolly
Although this is a bit of work and takes time to make the demi-glace from scratch it is well worth it. Everyone loved it and I will most definitly make it again. Very tasty!
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15 Jul 2004
Reviewed by: BISODER
Heck yeah! I loved cooking this recipe just as much as i loved eating it. I made with mashed potatoes and corn and the meal was delicious. The sauce was banging. This is going in the top 5 file!!
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10 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Jessica Whittier
TRY IT!!! Made this twice now. Its one of the most wonderful tasting steaks I've had off the grill. The sauce is great over rice as well... delicious!
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