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Crispy Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Breasts

This chicken recipe is full of flavour. Inside each breast you'll find tender asparagus and melted cheese, while the breadcrumb coating lends a lovely crunch. Quick and easy to prepare, the presentation is simple yet elegant.
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05 Feb 2011
jonnyinter said:
Used different ingredients. i tried this excellent recipe with garlic and herb philladelphia light.
05 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: LoLo
I loved it!! Absolutely wonderful!! And you know I Completely disagree with the person before me Who doesn't like hearing how people tweaked the Recipe!! Before I make any recipe anymore I go through the reviews and it's so helpful to see what ideas people had. I think part of being a good cook is not always following the recipe as written but adding your own ideas and tastes to it!!
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23 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: PortiaFF
You get alot of "Wow" factor for a pretty simple dish to make. I'd recommend putting some of the sauce in the middle of the roll up for more flavor.
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19 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: queenofhearts731
This was quite delicious, considering how easy it was to prepare. I made a few additions and changes: For the sauce, I used light mayo, omitted the lemon zest and salt, and added a little cayenne pepper to spice it up a little. I used a slice of proscuitto and shredded swiss cheese instead of a slice of provolone, and used 6-7 pieces of asparagus. Yummy!! Will definitely make this impressive dish again!
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05 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: DawnTrinity
I would like honest ratings on the recipe as it is posted. That is much more helpful when deciding which recipes to use. Not when those reviews are not even for the same recipe that is posted. Why do people do that? Post your own version of the recipe, separately somewhere, please. That said, this recipe AS IS is fantastic. We have chicken at least twice per week and this will be in the recipe rotation. Thank you so much.
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05 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: Lin Groeber
I followed the recipe without any changes aside from doubling the amount of asparagus. My husband commented that it was "gourmet". I will definitely make this again when asparagus is in season!
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24 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: RL5
Made this for dinner. The sauce is quite good; the lemon/tarragon combination is excellent. I made rice as a side dish but think garlic mashed potatoes would work better. This dish could easily impress invited dinner guests. Monica, thank you for sharing.
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22 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: Joan
Fabulous dish. Made it for hubby & I for dinner tonight. It's a keeper recipe. Fancy enough to serve for company. I made the following adjustments: I added a tablespoon of the sauce between the chicken and provolone before rolling. Also discovered that I didn't have any tarragon. So I substituted marjoram.
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28 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: Nancy B
really yummy! I spread some of the mayonnaise mixture on the chicken breast before putting the cheese and asparagus down and rolling it up. Really added lots of nice flavor and helped to keep the chicken from drying out. Easy recipe that's good enough for company!
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25 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: lifespassion
I thought this was excellent, easy to make and seemed like something you would get at a nice restaurant. I did tweak the sauce a bit, because I did not have tarragon and don't know what it tastes like. After reading other reviews, I wasn't afraid to try something different. Instead of the tarragon, I used Essence of Emeril. Instead of the dijon mustard, I used Koop's Spicy Brown, and used some bottled lemon juice since I didn't have a fresh lemon. I did use 5 pieces of asparagus as one other person suggested adding add'l stalks. I used a little thicker coating on the top of the chicken and did also add a little inside the roll up as another reviewer suggested. I thought it was excellent! Tender chicken, great flavor, very eas to make - my husband loved it too!
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