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Chai latte

This is a cheat's chai tea - rather than making the tea and spice blend yourself, use your favourite brand of tea and then embellish it a little.
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03 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: Holiday Baker
I thought this was as good as anything that could be bought at a coffee shop for $5. I had to laugh for a little when I read goat's milk. I wouldn't even know where to get that. I knew I could subtitute another dairy milk product no problem. I ended up using half and half because that is what I had in the house. I liked that it used chai tea bags instead of the longer process of simmering different spices. They were actually really affordable. I found it at Whole Foods for about $3 dollars a box. I microwaved the water, for 1 minute, then followed through with the rest of the recipe. I topped it with whipped cream and sprinkled it with nutmeg. I read on-line that nutmeg was an acceptable subtitute for cardamon, which can be pricey and hard to find. I am going to try this again with fat free half and half and a packet of Truvia. I am sure it will not be as good but it will be guilt free.
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04 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
One of my most favorite treats. To give it a little kick mid-day, sometimes I'll add a shot of espresso. Honey or vanilla coffee creamer is also good in place of the granulated sugar and goats milk. GREAT night time drink before bedtime.
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03 Nov 2009
Reviewed by: Jean
I love the coffee house brand of Chai Latte and I get it all the time. I made this just now but made some change due to no goats milk and cardamon, I made the tea as directed but added a pkt of Splenda and sugar-free Vanilla caramel coffemate(aout a Tbls) and a splash of milk. Its delicous and low cal and low fat. I would think that the cardamon would add a little more chai flavor so next time I will add it. Im enjoying this variation very much. Sorry I hate when people change it and then rate it but wanted to share.
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11 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: PamMar
I love chai tea but what I love more are chai tea lattes. Now I don't have to go to a coffee house to get my fix. I didn't have goats milk so I used half and half and it worked wonderfully. I did heat up the half and half with a frother. Thanks Lisa for this cup of yumminess!
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28 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: Love2CookMommy
I went to the store for goat's milk as soon as I saw this recipe. This was a VERY great latte! The store I went to had cardamom for 9 dollars! This was the first time I had ever even seen a recipe with cardamom so I skipped it and went for cinnamon instead. I will have no problem finishing off the goats milk because I will be drinking this again and again. The goats milk gives this drink richer flavor and taste just like a chai latte from Starbucks!
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03 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: RMSR
I didn't have goat's milk or cardamom, so I used whole (3.25%) milk and cinnamon. I must admit I am a loyal Second Cup chai latte fan and this really doesn't compare. For one, this beverage lacks the light foam that adds a little body and sits at the top. Secondly, the recipe mainly relies on the tea bag to produce spicy aroma and taste of chai; even if I had had the cardamom it wouldn't be enough to give it the signature flavour. I'm wondering if goat's milk is denser than cow's milk... I think if additional "chai spices" were infused in the dairy part of the beverage and frothed before adding to the water and tea bag, this would be fantastic. This could potentially be good using a thick coconut milk too. Hmm... Will try this again with tweaks to achieve the latte I have in mind, but I'll settle for this as a standard for drinking chai without being a latte (in doing so, I'd use 1/2 an ounce of milk).
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04 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: nollettg
Delicious! I used vanilla soy milk and nutmeg and a hand frother to get the milk all foamy.
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28 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: BUNNIFER
I used cream instead of goat's milk and it was delicious.
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24 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: pinkypigs100
Great!!! I loved it! I didn't have goat's milk though so I used Half n' Half cream instead! I didn't go by the exact measurements, but I played it by ear and it was delicious!
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18 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: Annika K.
ok, so I changed this recipe a bit, seeing as I don't have goat's milk or cardamon. I let the tea bag steep for a minute or 2 and then added 2 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of honey, I frothed the milk(with a whisk, just rub the handle between your hands and you get a lot of bubbles) and then dipped my finger in a little cinnamon and dusted off the cinnamon into the drink. this tasted great, and my whole family loves this!
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