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Salmon in Tomato Sauce

A light fish dish made with salmon steaks cooked in a tomato, onion and garlic sauce. Delicious when served over freshly cooked rice. You can use this recipe with any fish you prefer.
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07 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: JammyJones
This was really tasty and very easy. The frying oil kept the salmon beautifully tender, and all the flavours went well together. Just what I was looking for in a quick salmon dish for dinner! However, I didn't really understand the addition of the egg at the end... It thickened up the sauce a bit, but that can be done just as well with a little longer cooking time.
19 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: DawnC
I made this tonight for dinner and we enjoyed it. I have used alot of recipes from this site and only make changes when I do not have what is called for as the case tonight. Along with the tomatoes I used 1 can of diced tomatoes(zesty chili) as I did not have enough fresh to double the recipe. Also I am not sure if the egg at the end is really needed, my family feels it would be fine without and just have more of a tomato style sauce. I served with pasta and salad. We will put this into one of our many favorites for the Lenten season. Thank you for a wonderful dish that could also be made with chicken for those folks that do not care for fish.
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23 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: sewing
made this tonight very moist and tasty. Served it with lemon and rosmary rice
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19 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: mkosach
I loved it! I am on a low carb diet, but I can imagine it would be even better over rice. I liked that it was so different from the dill or blacked recipes I get in a rut for salmon. It was very different!
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20 Dec 2012
Reviewed by: Cindy Capps Lepp
Tasty sauce and so quick and easy! I had to use a can of diced tomatoes because good tomatoes are out of season right now. My sauce turned out slightly pink because of the egg....make sure you beat the egg real well and stir quickly as you add to the sauce. I didn't taste the egg but it thickened the sauce up quickly. It worked great with my Salmon burgers, served over whole wheat pasta.
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28 Aug 2012
Reviewed by: sbuckland94
My family loved it!!! I was a little worried about adding the egg at the end but do exactly what it says and it comes out delicious!!!! I paired it up with green beans and rotini noddles
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14 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: Robin
Loved it. Full of flavor. We left the salmon whole, so stirred in the eggs before putting the salmon back in. So delicious and more hearty than most salmon dishes.
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08 Jun 2014
Reviewed by: spacejen18
Lots of flavor. Served over brown rice, but not even sure it needed to be served over rice. I'm doing a yeast-free cleanse and this recipe was perfect. Will be making this again, and soon. I had fresh spinach on hand, and tossed some in at the end just before I added the egg. Only recommendation I would make is double the sauce because it is so good, you'll want more.
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22 May 2013
Reviewed by: cvsd
Loved this absolutely simple and hassle free recipe! (I also used canned diced tomatoes). I was hesitant about the egg at the end but I loved it. I found it killed a little of that tangy tomato taste that stays if you don't cook tomato sauce long enough. My husband also loved it and I will definitely be making this one often. Thanks for posting!!
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25 Jul 2015
Reviewed by: Dorothy
Great Recipee!! Did not have diced tomatoes so I added creamy tomatoe sauce and everyone loved it!!! EGGS NOT REQUIRED.....DO NOT RECOMMEND..
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