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Easy artichoke and red pepper pasta salad

A quick and easy penne pasta salad with broccoli, red pepper and marinated artichoke hearts. Sometimes I use feta cheese instead of Parmesan.
Reviews (27)

19 May 2006
Reviewed by: CORINNEDP
FanTASTIC recipe, very very quick and tasty!
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27 Jan 2001
This salad was good, but I felt it needed a whole lot more seasoning.
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14 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: LAMB2LOVE
This salad really is super easy, and a little different than your regular mediterranean-style pasta side. I've never liked the marinade from the artichoke jar, so I make my own dressing with white-wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, thyme, and pepper. This also makes a delightfully festive holiday dish, with the red peppers, green broccoli, and whitish artichokes. Particularly cute if you can get (at Target or Fred Meyer type stores) red, green, and white pasta in tree or other holiday shapes. I did that for my office Christmas buffet and everyone loved it!
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29 Jun 2003
The recipe was quick and easy, as advertised. It was a very colorful addition to the meal. However, we found it very bland, in spite of adding extra marinade from the artichokes, some fresh herbs, and also some Italian dressing.
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30 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Jennifer
This was super easy, and I love the versatility. I used this recipe as a reference but mixed and matched with veggies and ingredients I had on the staples in this recipe though!
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13 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: pomplemousse
Good, but I agree with other reviewers who thought it was bland. I made it as is (except used rotini because I didn't have penne), tried it, then added a pinch of red pepper flakes, some italian dressing, and some pepperoni slices. I liked it better with those additions.
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27 Feb 2005
Reviewed by: TNPFAFF
Not a big fan of raw peppers, so while the pasta is cooking, I saute the ingredients in a little olive oil and garlic. It still ends up being an easy, light meal.
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08 Aug 2004
Reviewed by: FLASHTRAX
A good base for a pasta salad, but is very bland. I ended up added tuna, extra parmesan and a caper/olive oil/garlic dressing.
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26 Oct 2000
Reviewed by: APRIL L
Super Duper Easy! I made this because my husband is such a marinated artichoke lover ;-). It may sound to some just looking at the recipe that it's "dry", since there's no liquid mentioned, but really, it didn't turn out that way at all. It's a unique, but good mix of flavors. You made my hubby HAPPY!
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05 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: LEAHZ
I made this salad last night and will definitely make it again. It is soooo tasty, and also looks pretty and is super fast to make. It doesn't need any extra marinade, but next time I will probably add some extra artichokes just because I like them so much Thanks for the great recipe!
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