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Chocolate beetroot cake

A super-moist and delicious chocolate beetroot cake. The secret ingredient is pureed beetroots! Beetroot makes this chocolate cake incomparably moist. Serve as is, with ice cream or top with chocolate frosting. You can also use this recipe to make cupcakes, simply adjust the baking time accordingly - 15 to 20 minutes at the same temperature should work a treat.
Reviews (118)

04 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: Diana
This cake is absolutely stunning. I will make this anytime I need a choc cake or cupcakes. So unbelievably moist! Absolutely no hint of beetroot. I pureed the beetroot in the blender along with the eggs and oil - the result was intensely pink, smooth and creamy. I then poured that out into a bowl and followed the recipe as stated from there. I pretty much followed the recipe to the letter, except I used olive oil instead of reg veg oil, and the result was fabulous. I made cupcakes and baked at the stated temp for about 18 minutes. Thanks! A gorgeous recipe! **Update** I made these a second time for my husband's birthday, and two different people told me they were the best chocolate cupcakes they had ever had!
21 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: snap-hiss
I made this as cupcakes and they are delicious! I didn't have the werewithal to puree the beetroot so I just finely grated it, which worked just as well. Possibly a smidge too sweet, but amazingly moist (and I'm one who often has problems making moist cakes!)
27 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: bex2907
I made these into cupcakes with a simple chocolate butter icing on top. They were lovely, so moist and light. Went down very well with hubby's work colleagues!!
27 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: 5adayfoodie
Fantastic recipe; the amount of mixture made was enough for a nice loaf size cake and half a dozen muffins which didn't last long in my house! The mixture is light and the cake is moist and totally moorish - I will definitely be making this one again!
05 Apr 2013
LindaBaird said:
This cake is still in the oven after 40 minutes and is still needing more time...... What's wrong, recipe followed to a tee and correct tin size ?
26 Sep 2013
Reviewed by: penfold
I followed to the letter and it just won't cook! Has been in for 1 hour and still like goo in the middle.
01 Apr 2013
Reviewed by:
So easy, never had such a moist choc cake before, and perfect for those with dairy intolerance
11 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: Cmjn1
My first moist chocolate cake..... mine was a tad dense, but then I used baking powder and less sugar.... Delicious though and to be repeated
09 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: wpg
I made these as cupcakes to eat after a walk with friends on Easter Day. I decorated the tops with fudge icing and mini Easter eggs and everyone voted them the most chocolatey and moist cakes they'd ever had. Also several asked for the recipe, too.
11 Feb 2014
Reviewed by: KGH
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! And I'm a cho-a-holic! Used less oil 200ml, only 2 eggs and most importantly, only 10 grams of Stevia instead of 300g sugar! Added 300ml espresso and apple juice to replace sugar bulk. As had 500g beets, used 300g flour to compensate. Baked for 1hr. So wonderful, moist and chocolateee and no beetroot taste. Highly recommend.


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