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Soured Cream Pear Cake

If you're wondering what to do with pears when in-season, try this cake. It's deliciously moist, fruity and moreish. A sponge cake batter is enriched with soured cream, scattered with pecans and pears, then baked to perfection. It is then drizzled with caramel sauce before serving.
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20 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: marge
I made a rookie mistake and didn't check my pantry and found I was out of nuts! I thought about chocolate chips but decided they would overpower the taste so I grabbed a half bag of skor bits and poured them in the brown sugar, cinnamon mixture. The strusel in the middle turned into a tasty butterscotch swirl. The topping was the best though as it was almost like a brown sugar sauce in spots where the mixture was blobbed. So good! I wouldn't make it any other way now.
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06 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: camohn
my only changes were to increase the cinnamon and used all purpose flour. 1/4 tsp did not sound like much. However, there is the cinnamon suagr in the crust when it was buttered and it didn't really need the extra cinnamon after all. Great way to use up the too many ripe pears I had on hand! mine came out nice an moist. I did not use the carmel. I like carmel...but this cake is quite sweet as it is and added carmel would make it just too sweet for me.
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27 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: User
This cake was delicious. A great cake to make that's quick and easy and perfect for an afternoon snack with coffee. I used almonds instead of pecans as I didn't have them. I also used a loaf tin instead of a tube tin so I had to bake a little bit longer for the middle to cook. The cinnamon sugar coating used to greased the tin caramelised slightly which gave it a great texture. Didn't use the caramel topping..I think it's sweet enough.
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17 Sep 2009
Reviewed by: Patricia
This cake was wonderful. I used more cinnamon instead of ginger and walnuts instead of pecan. Everyone love it. will definately make again. I also used all purpose flour instead of cake flour and it turned out great. Thank you
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21 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: Pesco
I made this as a 13x9 coffee cake with only two layers. I thought the batter needed more liquid - it was difficult to spread in the pan - and after baking found the cake entirely too dry.
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01 Oct 2004
Not a 1,2,3 Cake! I will make this for company (The day before!) Also, I thought I had ALL the necessary ingredience...Wrong! I wasn't aware that, What the pear tree gave us, was eaten and the rest shared with neighbors. So, I used strained canned peaches, as a substitute. The remainer of the sour cream, in the frig. went I used plain yogurt, instead. Since I had all the other ingredients, including the Carmel topping, it was great! Maybe, I should re-name this..."The Substitue Bundt." PS: It also needs More than 2 TBS.Cinnamon sugar for coating...
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10 Feb 2015
Reviewed by: Yoly
Delicious and moist. I used all purpose flour, omitted the ginger and added more cinnamon. I also did not use the caramel topping. I did however use a light powdered sugar/milk/vanilla icing. The brown sugar/cinnamon/pecan topping is the best part. A bit time consuming but well worth the effort.
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12 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: citygal
I made this cake and everyone loved it. I also had a few people ask for the recipe. I made it exactly as written except I substituted splenda for the white sugar to cut some of the calories.
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01 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: Mary Elizabeth
Great cake. Delicate and rich flavor at the same time. I used canned pears (2 medium cans of pear halves in pear juice). I had no problems gettting the cake out of the pan either. I also used light sour cream, applesauce for the butter and AP flour for the cake flour (and followed sub directions given on substitution chart). I didn't think that the spices overwhelmed the flavor of the pears but the pear taste doesn't jump out at you either. I'll make this cake again as one of our during-the-week desserts but not for a special occasion. Thanks for posting the recipe.
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13 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: Gina M
I had lots of fresh pears so I doubled the recipe and put it in 4 loaf pans. Great texture, moist. But even though I like ginger, it was too overpowering. I would half the spices and sugar in the crumble mixture. The pear cake itself even without that mixture would have been better I think.
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