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Tempeh kebabs with couscous

Pieces of marinated tempeh are skewered together with vegetables, then barbecued and served with a Morrocan-style couscous. It's a wonderful vegetarian dish that even the meat eaters will love.
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18 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: Natalie137
I didn't make kebabs, but sauteed the vegetables. I really loved the flavor of this dish, but feel like the recipe calls for way too much olive oil. I used 6T instead of the 8 called for and still felt like the dish was too oily. I would definitely make this again, but would reduce the oil further and perhaps even increase the spices.
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22 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: Veggielady
This is a good base recipe, however, with my modifications I found this to be a delicious dish! First off, I did NOT use Tempeh. I could not find it anywhere so I used the Extra Firm Tofu that I had. I cubed the Tofu and then marinated it in an delicious sauce called "Soyaki" that I bought from Trader Joe's. I highly recommend this sauce for Tofu, fish and stir-fry's. It is a mix between Teryaki and Soy sauce but it is thicker and has ginger and sesame in it. After marinating the Tofu for 15 minutes, I sauteed the Tofu in some olive oil and Soyaki sauce for about 25 minutes, turning the Tofu to coat both sides. While the Tofu cooked, I chopped up some green pepper, yellow pepper, garlic, ginger, eggplant, carrots, 1 vidalia onion and half a jalapeno pepper. I took the Tofu out of the pan when finished and used the same pan with olive oil to sautee about 2 tbps. of Garlic and 2 Tablespoons of fresh grated ginger. After about 5 minutes, I added the green and yellow bell pepper and 1 tsp. of minced jalapeno. We like our food on the spicy side! I then added the sweet Vidalia onion and carrots along with a few splashes of soy sauce (as called for) and several more Tbsp. of "Soyaki" sauce (instead of teriyaki sauce). Since carrots always take longer to cook I simmered this concoction for about 10 min. before adding the cubed eggplant. Unless you like really sweet food I personally think 3 Tbsp. of honey is too much so I only added 1 Tbsp. and found that it was still very sweet. I
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03 Feb 2005
Reviewed by: DC Girly Girl
Very good! I did things a little differently...I didn't use tempeh. I used the veggies as indicated, plus 1 yellowneck squash, a little bit of diced green peppers, jalapeno, red onion and sliced carrots. Basically I cleaned out the fridge. Marinated the veggies for a little while, then sauteed them and let them simmer in the marinade for about an hour. Very good! Thank you! Oh...and I was a little worried about the salt content...I thought soy sauce AND teriyaki would be too salty, but not at all. I just didn't add salt to the couscous. Tasty!
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16 Sep 2009
Reviewed by: Heather B
This was delicious and my family is not vegetarian. My husband said I could make it anytime! I cut the oil in half and used Mr. Yoshida's Terriyaki sauce. I did not add any extra salt and it was plenty salty. I also substituted zucchini for eggplant because I wanted some green in the mix. Very tasty!
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06 May 2007
Reviewed by: Sola
This was pretty good--- I used the sauce for about 16 oz. of stir fry veggies instead of doing kabobs. I made white rice with the broth and cumin, but no garbanzo beans. I would maybe go with less sauce next time, up the ginger a bit and use it again for stir fry, although I'd like to try the recipe as written too.
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03 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: dalittlebear1
I modified this recipe by switching around the veggies in the kabobs-- I used bell peppers, celery, large chunks of onion, and cherry tomatoes--and by using 2 packs of tempeh rather than one as we have a bigger family. The sauce and couscous were wonderful, but I found that the tempeh cooked up rather dry. However, that's nothing that a bit of sour cream won't fix, and all in all these were quite good. A bit time consuming, but yummy and fun to eat.
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01 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: teekay
this was good. The marinade was great and my family, who usually won't eat tempeh or mushrooms, actually ate them and said they tasted good. It needs a green veggie, though, maybe zuccini or green bell pepper. easy to make.
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16 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: merryc
This was good, but not great. I was thinking that the whole dish would have a Moroccan taste, but it definitely does not! I would use way less oil next time and the veggies could be easily swapped out for whatever is on hand. I broiled the kabobs for about 10 minutes total, turning every few minutes. I don't feel like the eggplant cooked enough with this method, but everything else would have been burnt or overdone if I had cooked it much longer.
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23 May 2006
Reviewed by: Vanessa Chang
This went over well at a recent potluck dinner party. Several friends raved about the marinade and wanted the recipe.
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22 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: Sanja
so much work for something that tastes mediocre at best.
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