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Beetroot and Cabbage Soup

A delicious vegetarian soup, made by simmering together beetroots, cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, celery, potatoes and kidney beans. Serve with a dollop of soured cream.
Reviews (7)

26 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: RoseRover
I didn't add as much water as called for, also didn't read the directions carefully enough and chucked out the beet water AND the kidney bean juice. It still turned out deliciously purple. Very hearty and a great way to use up the veggies coming out of the garden right now. I didn't have cabbage, so I substituted kale. This recipe could easily be made vegan by using vegetable oil instead of butter and using a vegan sour cream substitute. UPDATE 14.7.2012 - my beet greens were still nice, so I threw those in too at the end with the kale. Everything was fresh from the garden except the mushrooms and beans, so no bouillion cube needed
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02 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: saraht23
If you have made Borscht the traditional way before just boiling the veggies I have to say that cooking the veggies in the dill makes a huge difference in the flavour of the soup. Skip the Boulioun It is not needed. I also skipped the kidney beans as I found that odd. I also used 4 cups of water instead of 6 when adding the second batch of water this made for a better flavour
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16 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: Tessa
fantastic beet soup. I used red cabbage instead and it was wonderful in color and taste.
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04 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: KitchenWitch
This was good in small amounts, I can't eat a large bowl as the beet flavor is just too strong for my taste. Bf doesn't like beets, but liked this. Mine came out a vibrant red-violet color. Makes A LOT. I used purple cabbage.
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24 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: CCRogers
Delicious! It turned out a little more on the reddish side of purple than I expected, but it was still a hit at the purple-themed potluck that I made it for.
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07 May 2012
Reviewed by: Wicksy
Really tasty soup; I too left out the beans as I wanted borscht not minestrone! I didn't bother with tomato puree and just chopped mine and put in the soup. I'm not sure of the point of putting the beets in the freezer?? I just let my cool and grated...Perfect for a meatless meal, served with fresh rye bread.
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12 Dec 2017
Reviewed by: annle
This is a hearty and delicious soup! I made it just as instructed, but like other reviews I used 4 cups of water instead of the 6 and didn't have any vegetable bullion so left that out. I wish I would have had some fresh dill, but used dry dill that I had on hand. Still very flavorful! The dollop of sour cream really adds, too!
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