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Wild Rice and Chicken Cream Soup

This soup is creamy and deliciously hearty. Chicken is simmered with wild rice, spring onions and roasted red peppers in a creamy soup base. Enjoy with fresh crusty bread, if desired.
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03 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: Carolshmarol
I altered this recipe and just used it as a jumping off point. I think my method is a little more efficient and takes up less time. This is what I did.... I sautéed 3 chicken breast halves, cubed, in 2 TB of butter. I also used 1 leek, cutting off the root, the green ends, halving them, rinsing, and cut them into half moons until chicken is completely done and leek is cooked through. I also added 1 TB poultry seasoning and salt. Transferred to a large pot. Back to the pan...melted 5 TB butter, then added 3 heaping TB of flour plus 1 regular TB and whisked until thick on medium high heat. Added 32 oz. carton of chicken broth and 3/4 heavy cream until blended. Added 1/2 cup green onion sliced on the bias and heat for a few minutes. Transferred to pot. Let cook for about 10 minutes to bring everything up to temperature and to incorporate flavors with the chicken. I bought pimentos but didn't add them because I couldn't get the lid off. Then I added 1 small jar of sliced mushrooms with juice, and a little over 1/2 cup of long grain/wild rice mix and stirred constantly uncovered. If you don't stir, the rice will sink to the bottom of the pot, stick and burn. Stir until rice is tender - about 20 minutes. You're done! What I love about this recipe is the mild leek and onion flavor. Without this, it would taste a lot like my chicken and dumpling recipe. The consistency is perfect - not too thick and not too thin. This will probably thicken even more after being in the fridge overni
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27 Oct 2015
Reviewed by: florin
It was ok but way too much flour. I'd say half or less would be good. The excess amount of flour kind of ruined the recipe. I think it's funny that in the instructions it says to add the flour until it becomes thick....mine was thick even after adding the cream.
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11 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: dirtygurdy
I found that the recipe turned out really thick but overall it was wonderful. I think next time I'll use less flour and subtitute some of the heavy cream with milk
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29 Aug 2015
Reviewed by: Cathy
I agree with others that the color was quite unappetizing, using 3/4 c flour turned it a grey color. I will cut back on flour next time. I added 2 cups carrots (small pieces) which helped a lot. It was a hit with everyone. Served it with good bread from bakery, great and easy one dish meal!
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31 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: Missbrett
I didn't change the recipe except to use homemade stock because I don't use canned or boxed stock/broth. It needed salt but that was prob because my homemade stock is unsalted whereas canned broth is high in salt.
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14 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: REGINA52
I was pretty neutral about this soup. It tasted a bit bland to me. Considering that and its very high fat content, I won't make it again.
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12 Mar 2014
Reviewed by: juls
I did not use cream at all, instead I used the extra broth I had. Less fat. Also added mushrooms. Delicious!!
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19 Feb 2014
Reviewed by: APPLESPEARS
I made this recipe exactly as given with one change - I used 1% milk instead of heavy cream. Everything else I did exactly as the recipe says, and it came out delicious! My whole family loved it and gobbled it up. Some said it needed more salt and pepper, and we are thinking about adding crumbled bacon as a garnish next time I make it. I think more rice would also be good. The consistency was absolutely perfect - it was a thin cream soup. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!
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12 Feb 2014
Reviewed by: BonnieM
Fantastic! I followed "Bonnie" suggestions and used sweet onion, added 3 cloves of garlic, sauteed a can of mushroom pieces I had on hand and a handful of leftover SuperBowl multi colored bell peppers. 3 cups of chicken stock and 3 cups of water. 1 cup of long grain and wild rice and about 5 cups of leftover bbq/rub flavored chicken breasts. Wound up adding a couple more cups of water at the end as well, a bit thick.
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29 Jan 2014
Reviewed by: lmagers
We sauté mushrooms with the onion & add those too
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