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Rhubarb streusel muffins

These muffins are easy to make and taste fabulous! They are packed with rhubarb and have a crunchy sweet cinnamon topping. The perfect treat anytime of the day.
Reviews (368)

12 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: bakingmaster
There mightn't be a better use of rhubarb! These muffins are absolutely gorgeous. The crumbly topping is a must. I could see how you could leave out the walnuts if wished, or another nut like almonds, pecans or hazelnuts would work well. Make these, you won't regret it!
30 Apr 2013
Kelgoose said:
Can I use tinned rhubarb ? If so do I use they same amount ? Thanks
21 May 2012
Reviewed by: alfrich
These mufins are delicious and a great way to get rhubarb into kids! The cinammon topping really finshes them off.
11 Jun 2014
Reviewed by: SamWiley
I'm a complete novice cook and these were so easy and taste fantastic. Very tangy and the cinnamon topping makes all the difference. I didn't have any buttermilk so made it by souring normal milk with some lemon juice for 5 mins then adding it to the mixture.
24 Apr 2018
Reviewed by: suzimalt
these are delicious...moist and tasty and still good next day
26 Jul 2017
Reviewed by: BabaLili
Anyone make this using cup measurement not grams? Also 180C same as 350F? Thanks for your help. Haven't tried this so can't really rate it,however in order to ask my question I needed to have a rating.
24 Apr 2017
Reviewed by: GailBarry
Have made these several times and they are always a huge hit with anyone that tries them.
05 Jul 2016
Reviewed by: Justyummy
Oh my goodness๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. These little beauties are GREAT. T his mixture makes 12. The first batch I made ,it killed my back standing there dicing all the rhubarb & then chopping up the walnuts into really little bits.( my partner doesn't like walnuts) . Glad I did though as he couldn't even tell they were in there lol. So for the 2 nd batch I've bought myself one of those little machines that just chop things up. So much better even though the rhubarb goes a bit stringy. But you pick the stringy bits out,right. Any ways. They rise beautifully. The topping? I did NOT use 5 tablespoons of caster sugar. A mistake surely? I nay used 2-3 which I still felt was too much. This is not a sprinkle topping. You have to sort of lay it on top ,but it's so nice & crispy when it's done. Finishes it off nicely. I kept with the cinnamon,don't like ginger. I've already frozen the right amounts of rhubarb in pieces ready for muffins through the winter ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
15 Jun 2016
Reviewed by: MrsHobby
Followed the recipe precisely. Very bland indeed. Almost impossible to taste the rhubarb. You cannot "sprinkle" melted butter mixed with sugar and cinnamon. It's gloppy, not dry. Nice springy muffins, but they desperately need help, perhaps more rhubarb, or anything with a discernible flavour. Will definitely tweak another time. Disappointing.
11 Jun 2016
Reviewed by: Jms8
Picked the rhubarb from my parents garden - these were so moreish and everyone loved them


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