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Cream cheese pastry squares

These are the perfect treats for afternoon tea or an easy dessert. Sweetened cream cheese is sandwiched between flaky ready-made puff pastry.
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11 May 2015
Reviewed by: mariabod
looks good and very easy to make
29 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Malissa Booth
I LOVED this... I had to make it my own, so I made the cream cheese layer (with splenda blend) and tried variations to it by spreading a layer of either apricot, blueberry, blackberry or strawberry sugarfree preserves over the cream cheese then finishing off with the crescent dough and butter and splenda blend sprinkled on top... OMG, I had to make this 3 times in 2 days due to so many people loving it over the holidays!!! No one could guess it was sugarfree.. the fruit topping over the creamcheese really gives it kick! My fav were the blueberry ones, and the apricot... with the apricot I crushed 1/2 C of pecans and sprinkled those over the top with cinnamon and splenda blend.. that was sheer heaven. Even better the next day if thats even possible! I am thinking about trying this with a variation of no sugar, but using a packet of hidden valley ranch powder and bacon and maybe some sundried tomatoes... maybe butter and parmesan on top?... I will let you know!
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16 Mar 2007
Reviewed by: ovenmitt2
I make these squares more than 2 dozen times a year!! They are the most popular thing I make. I'm a always asked to make them for everything. You will always be a hit, 100% of the time when you bring these to any event. I prefer to line my baking pan with aluminum foil for easy removal and refridgerate overnight. I then remove them from the pan and slice then arrange them on a serving platter. Works great everytime,
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17 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: Jmama
I have made these with so many different toppings!! They are great with pretty much anything. I have used lemon zest, blueberry topping, fresh strawberries, apples and cinnamon and i'm thinking maybe brown sugar and cinnamon next time. I love these things!! And don't pour that much butter over the top. I found it best to just brush on a thin coat and if you alter it, like adding strawberries, you may want to omit the sugar and cinnamon on the top.
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27 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Karolinamom
My daughters and I made this recipe for Christmas gifts. We changed it slightly by using a mini muffin pan. We greased the pan and sprinkled cinnamon sugar in the bottom of each muffin hole. Pressed a piece of crescent roll in each hole, filled with cream cheese mixture and topped with a piece of crescent roll. Cooked in 10 minutes. They turned out great. Little bite size cream cheese balls. Plus the girls and I had fun making them.
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19 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: Butterfly Flutterby
We weren't crazy about the recipe as written. The second time I made it I used only one package of cream cheese, cut the sugar to 1/2 cup and added a squirt of lemon juice and just brushed the top with melted butter. It was much better this way. Also, I didn't put sugar on the top, just mixed up powdered sugar and a bit of milk and make a white glaze. Thanks for the post.
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12 Mar 2007
Reviewed by: Nep2nfly
I tried this recipe for a party recently and they haven't stopped bragging about it. Everyone wants the recipe. I took another commenter's suggestions and added lemon zest - which made the recipe! Trust me on this one - you have just found the quickest and easiest crowd pleasing dessert around!
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22 Aug 2008
Reviewed by: 6MOUTHS
Delicious! We love them cold. They were incredibly fast & easy to put together! I used half the butter, reduced fat crescent rolls & reduced fat cream cheese. Wait until they are well chilled before cutting into bars. For the time and effort these are excellent! UPDATE #1: I've made these several times and everyone loves them. I tried the addition of fruit preserves and did not like it at all UPDATE #2: I usually make this in my 9X13 glass Pyrex but made it in a 9X13 metal cake pan and it was horrible -overcooked around the edges and the crescent dough on the bottom was raw in the center of the pan. I'll have to remember to always use my glass pan for this recipe.
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17 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: SUZI1202
Great recipe! I only used 3/4 c sugar and will cut down on the butter next time...maybe only 1/4 c. I also added an egg to the cream cheese mixture. It was much fluffier!
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03 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: Lydia
Simple and tasty! I used puff pastry and added 1 tsp of lemon butter into cream cheese mixture. It tasted better when chilled, especially with the crispy melted sugar at the bottom. Also, it will be easier to cut into pieces when the cheese is fully set. Both my fiance and I loved it very much, will make again. Thanks for the recipe.
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