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Breakfast beans (fasolia)

Packed with protein, fibre and flavour, fasolia is a traditional bean dish served in many Arab countries. It can also be eaten as lunch or dinner in case you don't have any meat on hand, as the beans are full of protein and fibre! Very delicious! Serve and eat the traditional way, by grabbing it with pitta bread.
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26 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: Reets
I'm not sure about having spicy food for breakfast, but this recipe sounded similar to one I had growing up, so I played around with it a bit. I replaced the olive oil with canola oil, only because it was all I had in my pantry. I think the olive oil would have worked well, though. I didn't have jalapeno pepper on hand so I used 1 tsp cayenne pepper and kicked it up with more heat by adding 1/8 tsp dry mustard (though my husband will probably find this a little too spicy!). True to most Middle-Eastern cuisine, I added two cloves of garlic (can't live without garlic!). I added one large can whole tomatoes (Aylmer brand with spices)and used an entire can of tomato paste to make up for the extra liquid. I think 2 tsp would have been fine if it weren't for the canned tomatoes I added. In my own kitchen, I only had white kidney beans, which I rinsed out to eliminate the extra salt (the canned tomatoes had salt and pepper in there already) and then omitted the salt and pepper from the original recipe. It is delicious! I think I will serve it over plain rice for dinner. For those who enjoy the North-American "chili", the flavour turns out quite similar, without the meat and fresh peppers/other veggies, of course. Thanks for this recipe, AiyahM -- it was "good bones" to start with!
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17 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: mgamble79
Fantastic! I love this recipe, though I didn't make it exactly, from lack of ingredients. I used one small (my husband said medium) onion, two roma tomatoes, and three diced chilis instead of the jalapeno. I had kidney beans in the fridge that I'd cooked myself from dried, so no liquid there. Added about a cup of water, along with a little chicken stock powder for flavour. Oh, and I didn't have 30 ounces of beans, so I topped it up with great white northerns from the freezer. All in all, delicious, a new favourite. Modify the spices to your tastes, but if you love curries, try this one. PS: it makes 4 insanely generous helpings. I'm full on less than a 6th, with a pita.
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15 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: goofproof
This was a new dish for my husband and I. I used it as a side dish for dinner. I made some substitutions and halved the recipe. Even though I halved the recipe I still used a whole tomato. I used ketchup instead of tomato paste since I didn't have any on hand. Also for the seasonings since I didn't have any jalapenos or cumin I used 1 teaspoon each of chili powder, mexican seasoning, and curry. What I did have on hand as a sub for the jalapenos was some hot ring peppers which I chopped up really fine and only used about a tablespoon. Besides all my substitutions this turned out really well and I think I'll need to keep kidney beans on hand from now on. Thank you for the recipe!
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30 Sep 2018
Reviewed by: RonGoings
used pinto instead of kidney, this makes a good vegan recipe, if you love beans this is for you
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23 Jul 2014
Reviewed by: teesha68
Make these just as recipe calls. Love them. Make them once a week now. They are spicy so if you can't handle it hot reduce the curry.
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04 Mar 2013
I boosted spices to T's, used 3 tomatoes, from dried beans, no s&p, squirt of ketchup (out of paste), added 4 cloves garlic. Ate over garlic naan. We are on a bean kick and this fits right in.
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