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Creamy prawn pasta salad

This creamy pasta salad is loaded with prawns and flavoured with garlic, thyme and Parmesan cheese. Great for a summer barbecue.
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06 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: PAMELA39
I made this for a party and it tasted great and I would definitely make it again but with changes. I didn't give this 5 stars because there was way too much pasta called for in this recipe so next time I will probably cut the amount of pasta in half. Also, I would use a different pasta shape, like bowties or small shells. People kept asking if I was supposed to heat it up, they didn't realize it was a cold spaghetti salad. But everyone who ate it thought it tasted great - in fact, my grandmother, who is a harsh critic of how people cook, even asked me for the recipe, but she also said "too much pasta" and "use bowties next time."
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22 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: FBA
I wasn't sure about the thyme so I left it out. Before eating the dish, I did a taste test and put some on my plate in 3 separate sections. I put a dash of thyme on one, some dill on the 2nd, and some Old Bay Seasoning on the 3rd & mixed each one a little bit. My preference was for the dill. It tasted OK without the dill too.
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09 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: MOLLY111
this pasta salad was super tasty and really quite easy to make. i made it using dill instead of thyme and less pasta like other reviewers suggested. the only thing i would do differently next time is i will break the pasta in half before cooking - it was really hard to get everything to combine with super long strands. still, i will defintely make again.
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05 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: AMOMMEE
This was really yummy! I too thought a full pound was too much pasta, so I cut it back, but I liked the idea of using a vermicelli or spaghettini instead of the usual smaller bite-size pastas. I, too, instinctively went with the dill weed instead of the thyme (hey, it's SHRIMP!) and also I added extra parmesan cheese to give it a bit more of a saltiness. Great dish for a buffet!
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05 Sep 2004
Reviewed by: BTA
Wow! I can't believe how easy and good this salad is. It is very good as listed, but I substituted dill for the thyme and left out the garlic all together. Can't go wrong either way.
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02 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: Debbie Johnson
This is yummalicious! So simple yet so good. I took this to a potluck at work and they all wanted the recipe. I can't wait to make it again, my family loves it!
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16 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: bellydancer
I used bowtie pasta instead of vermicelli, and garlic powder instead of fresh garlic. I like dill better than thyme, so used dill. I will make this again for a cool summer salad.
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23 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: Donna Shelton
This was really good & great for a big group. There did not seem to be enough mayo & spices so I increased the mayo by 1/2 cup & threw in some more spices & it was perfect.
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14 Jul 2001
This salad is SO easy and very tasty. I will make this one over and over again!
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26 Jan 2005
Reviewed by: KIMBERLY KAY
This has a good flavor using the spices in the recipe, and even with a little Old Bay as mentioned by reviewers. I have a tendency to get heavy-handed with garlic, but I preferred it better with less, and I also added some hot sauce (Texas Pete!). A few drops of worcestershire at the end really added a wonderful zing! Thanks. 4* for taste, but 5* for ease!
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