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Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake

You've heard of beetroot chocolate cake so why not try other vegetables such as this cake with finely chopped sauerkraut! I top it with an easy soured cream chocolate icing.
Reviews (6)

07 Jan 2001
Reviewed by: Faye
The frosting was delicious. The cake is dark and moist. I used leftover sauerkraut I had from dinner (knockwurst and potatoes). My son thought it was chocolate cake with coconut in it. He's asked me to make it again.
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10 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: Marissa Heathcote
I'm glad I made this while my husband was out or he would have never tried it! You really can't taste the sauerkraut outside of the texture and it has the texture of coconut! Next time I might add more cocoa or a little oil to the batter to make it richer, but it was still really good. Perfect for using up that leftover kraut from dinner!
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11 Oct 2012
Reviewed by: Molly
This is a very moist chocolate cake. I made this when no one was around to see me put the sauerkraut in the batter. I took this to work and we played 'guess the ingredient'. Ten different people tried the cake and not one of them guessed correctly. The frosting on this cake is very good, but very rich. I would make this cake again if I have leftover sauerkraut. Thanks JJOHN32 for sharing.
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11 Jul 2015
Reviewed by: April
I followed the recipe exactly and everyone loved it. It's rich and moist. No one could tell it was made with sauerkraut. They only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because of the frosting, it was runny.
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13 Dec 2014
Reviewed by: wayloopy
Served a third of the cake to husband and friend and took the rest to a party cut into squares. Everyone loved it. So moist. I didn't have unsweetened cocoa powder, so I swapped the chocolates. I used some high-quality hot chocolate powder in place of unsweetened cocoa, and used unsweetened baking chocolate blocks in place of chips. Didn't seem to suffer from the change. I'd like to make it as written soon.
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19 Dec 2012
Reviewed by: misty
I used leftover saurkraut and took it to work for our Guess the Ingredient potluck lunch. Although I did not taste it because I cannot eat chocolate; I came home with an empty pan.... so that definitely says alot. Out of 12 people tasting this, no one guessed the secret ingredient and all we amazed when I told them. This was recommended by several from the Buzz and thanks goes to them and to the recipe submitter JJOHN32 for a fun recipe to try.
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