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Roasted tomato soup

This rich soup blends the flavours of garden fresh basil and oven roasted tomatoes.
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25 May 2011
debg said:
Something else. added a orange pepper that needed using, and added some fresh chilli to spice it up, it was lovely!
16 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: debg
this is a lovely soup, i sieved after blending as a tweaker advised, i did add more basil when heating the soup up and a little tip regarding the garlic, before putting the garlic cloves into the dish. cut the hard end off (where it was joined to the stalk) leaving the skin on. once cooked its very easy for the inside to slide out, rather than having to squeese it out.
19 May 2010
rainbow2275 said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Thanks so much for this recipe. This was my very first attempt at making soup and it was absolutely delicious! I took advice from other tweaks on here and roasted a red chilli along with the tomatoes and garlic, only added 250ml of stock, sieved after blending and added the basil after sieving and before reheating ready to serve. Made a thick, silky smooth soup that everyone wanted the recipe for!
23 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: francophile
A really nice basic tomato soup recipe and really easy. I added a red pepper and half a red onion to the roasting tin as they needed using up. I will probably reduce the roasting time next time. I added half a teaspoon of chilli flakes at the blending stage for a bit of heat. Didn't have fresh basil so used parsley, thyme and oregano (about 1 tablespoon of them chopped altogether). In short, you can use the recipe as a base and add whatever you like!
11 Nov 2009
Nossy said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Put the garlic in the middle and lowered the temp. I also sieved it to take all the skin and pips out.
06 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: Cozcat
fabulous recipe! i tried this after a friend gifted me a couple of kg of rather bland looking cheap tomatoes. after leaving them out to ripen for a few days, they still looked rather unappetising.... but you wouldn't have thought so after making this soup! I didnt bother sieving... after blending i didnt think it was necessary..... and i used only about 1 pint of stock.... and more garlic, but otherwise didnt change the recipe and it was delicious! and the family loved it too! thanks very much
19 Oct 2009
Diana said:
Took shortcuts. i only roasted for about 35 mins, which was enough and cut cooking time by nearly half! also didn't use basil b/c i didn't have any. it wasn't missed.
21 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: Kerri Leigh
The flavours in this soup are so delicious and heavenly. The only change I would make is to make sure you peel the tomatoes before putting them in the food processor to get rid of the skins and make it smoother.
21 Jul 2008
Metis2be said:
Altered ingredient amounts. I found this to be the best roasted tomato soup recipe I've tried. We doubled the garlic to add additional flavour. We also blended 1/2 the tomatoes/garlic and chopped the other 1/2 to have some chunks in the soup. Yum!
21 Jul 2008
Altered ingredient amounts. It had the taste I was looking for. I only used half of the chicken stock because I wanted it thick. I felt if I used the full amount it would have been too watery and less tasty. I also used about 8 or 9 cloves of garlic. Soooo gooood!!


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