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Slow cooker black bean soup

This slow cooker black bean soup is hearty, warming and delicious. Serve with a dollop of soured cream or yoghurt and a sprinkle of chopped spring onion.
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07 Apr 2004
Reviewed by: ROSALIE P
I read the reviews for this soup and could hardly wait to make it, but upon making it, I found it medicore. It was fine, but not wonderful. Also a hint for the cook that found her beans were hard. All beans must be cooked to the soft stage before adding any acid (tomato, vinegar, molasses). Once the acidic food is added, the beans will no longer soften, no matter how long they are cooked.
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23 May 2002
Reviewed by: ELLISSE
Love love love it. So easy to make. I cheated and used 2 cans of black beans so I didn't have to go through the soaking process, and I forgot to get the can of tomatos, so I added a bit of ketchup for flavor. And since I used the canned beans, I added about a 1/4-1/2 cup water to get the right consistancy. To spice it up a little more, I added about 1 1/2 t of dry mustard and 1 t of backstrap molasses. Cooked for 3 hrs on HIGH. Turn out WONDERFUL. I will def be making this again, when in the chill mood. YUM YUM.
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06 Apr 2005
Reviewed by: SarahParadis
Seriously very good. I made it differently on the stove top, I really just wanted the recipe for the spices. I used 1 can of black, 1 can northern, 1 can pinto and I pureed an extra can of black beans. I sauteed the veggies first, then added the can of tomatoes, juice and all, and then the lentils. I added the beans and then like 3 cups of broth. I let that simmer and then I added the spices. It's simmering now and I will put the rice in soon. I can't stop sneaking tastes!! Make this one!!!
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23 Feb 2003
Reviewed by: dagny21
Finally, a soup worthy of my large crock pot! I loved this. Made the following changes: substituted 2 tbsp basil for the chili powder, added 1 tsp molasses, used 3/4 tsp garlic powder instead of fresh for convenience, only one green pepper, and no jalapeno. Even pureeing half of it left a pretty chunky, very satisfying soup. Makes a LOT! Served with a dollop of sour cream. Important note: RICE REQUIRED 2 HOURS OF COOKING!
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01 May 2006
Reviewed by: Sola
This is probably the best black bean soup I have made on here. I definitely reccomend using veggie or chicken broth in place of water. I halved the recipe and it still made around 6 generous servings. However, in halving it, I still did 1 full carrot, 1 full (but not large) sweet onion, and 1 stalk of celery. I also did an extra tbsp. worth of red lentils because 1/8 cup hardly seemed worth it. The rice, I also kept at a 1/2 cup. It took a bit longer than 20 minutes to cook-- more like 35, really. I was out of cumin, so I used cilantro. Overall, this was delicious. I had no trouble with the beans softening up and I followed the directions listed.
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08 Aug 2002
Reviewed by: q
I used the ingredients as listed and was pleased by the flavor. I chose not to puree as I prefer it chunky. This took me about 10 hours to cook, the rice definitely needs more than 20 minutes. I think I will cut back on the black beans next time, there was a spoonful in ever scoop. The soup reminds me a little of chili due to the flavor and texture. I served this as a meal with homemade jalapeno cheese bread (corn bread with the leftovers). This makes enough to feed an army!
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29 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: JessicaAnne
This soup was quite tasty (I substituted 1 pt. of chicken stock in for 1 pt. of the water), but I thought it was quite fiddly and not good as a crockpot recipe. The soaking and boiling of the beans ahead of time, adding the veggies partway through the cooking, all took away from the ease of throwing everything in the crockpot and leaving it all day. I'd rather just cook everything on the stove and have it done quicker. I will likely make the soup again, but will do it all on the stove.
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22 Jul 2002
Reviewed by: GINGY LEFLER
This is delicious. I also added 2 T. of molasses. My guests loved it.
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19 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: KARCAR68
One of the best black bean & rice soup recipes I've tried so far. As has been stated before, the rice will need much longer than the 20 minutes stated. I found it took almost 2 hours for the rice to fully cook. So adjust accordingly.
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27 Feb 2002
This soup was yummy, easy to prepare, and lots for leftovers. I almost didn't puree it like the directions said; glad I did as it gave a thickness to the soup that was nice. My crockpot was not large enough to accomodate the volume this makes so I had to finish it off in a Dutch oven on the stove, which didn't hurt at all. As we like our food pretty highly flavored, we had to add herbs at the table which brought it up to snuff for us. We have no kids so couldn't rate that part.
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