Easy Gooseberry Jam

    1 hour

    Gooseberries are naturally high in pectin, so you don't need pectin for this easy jam recipe! Simply use an equal quantity of gooseberries and granulated sugar. Green gooseberries work just as well as ripe ones, though you may want to add 200-300g more sugar and 100ml more water if they are very under-ripe. Enjoy!

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    Makes: 10 (250ml) jars

    • 1kg gooseberrries
    • 1kg granulated sugar
    • 500ml water

    Prep:30min  ›  Cook:30min  ›  Ready in:1hr 

    1. Place a plate or saucer in the freezer.
    2. Wash and trim the gooseberries. Place in a heavy-bottomed saucepan with the water. Bring to the boil and boil rapidly for 1 minute. Reduce heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes, till gooseberries are soft. Add the sugar, then bring back to a rolling boil for another 10 minutes.
    3. Remove pan from heat, and test to see if the jam has set. Take the plate from the freezer and drop a bit of jam onto the cold plate. After a few seconds push the jam with your finger. If the surface of the jam wrinkles and somewhat holds its shape, it has reached setting point and is ready. If the jam slides across the plate and seems very liquid, then it needs to be boiled for another few minutes, at which point you need to test the jam again.
    4. Skim off any scum from the top of the jam. Place the hot jam in hot, sterilised jars.

    To sterilise jars

    Wash and rinse your jars and lids well with warm, soapy water. Line a roasting tin with a clean cloth, and place your clean jam jars upside-down on the cloth. About half an hour before potting your jam, place your jam jars in a preheated 100 C oven.
    Meanwhile, place the clean lids in a large pan and cover with water. Boil for 10 minutes to sterilise the lids. Also boil any other utensils - such as a funnel or spoon - at this point.
    When ready to pot your jam, remove the jars from the oven. Using an oven mitt, turn your jars right side up, keeping them in the roasting tin. Pour your hot jam into the warm jars. Make sure to leave a 1cm headspace in each jar.
    Place the lids on the jars straightaway. Allow to cool thoroughly at room temperature, then store in a cool, dark place for up to 1 year. If you can press down on the centre of the lid and make it move, the jar is not properly sealed: refrigerate and consume within two weeks.

    How to sterilise jars

    Learn how to sterilise jars two ways with our handy step-by-step guide and video.

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    Perfect measures and so right about the setting - the jam set quite quickly. Made about 5 big jam jars. Mine looked a lot greener than the picture  -  20 Jul 2011


    500ml of water seemed too much it took ages to reach setting point.  -  28 Jul 2013


    Very easy and very tasty! Made smaller amount first but wish I had made it all! Lovely alternative to have with scones and cream.  -  27 Jun 2012