Slow-cooked melt in the mouth beef

    6 hours 5 min

    I first tried this method of cooking beef, as I wished to find an alternative to the traditional Sunday roast. I have since cooked this for many friends, who have told me, that it tastes fantastic. This method can be used by amateurs who wish to become instant experts! It's that easy! Please note this cooking method applies to gas ovens only. Users of electric ovens will have to use their own settings.


    County Cork, Ireland
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    Serves: 8 

    • 2kg round roast beef
    • 4 knobs butter
    • 1 beef stock cube
    • mixed herbs
    • fresh rosemary
    • 100 to 150g mushrooms
    • 1 to 2 teaspoon gravy granules or cornflour

    Prep:5min  ›  Cook:6hr  ›  Ready in:6hr5min 

    1. Sit the beef joint into a large casserole dish and add the 4 knobs of butter, oxo cube, and mixed herbs and rosemary. Don't forget the lid!
    2. Light the gas and then turn the oven down to absolute minimum! This will give you a tiny flame, but that's the whole point. Put the dish into the oven and leave for 4 hours (trust me, I've been cooking this for three years!). Meat may be turned half way through to avoid top from drying out.
    3. After 4 hours approximately, the joint will need to be sliced. It may seem a little on the tough side, that is normal and aids slicing. I usually aim for about 1cm thick slices, which are then laid back in the casserole dish, and will carry on cooking in the meat juices. Return to the oven for another 2 hours.
    4. After 1 hour the mushrooms may be added, whole or cut in half, some may prefer to chop these, but remember, the smaller they are chopped, the faster they will cook. At this stage the meat can also be checked for its tenderness.
    5. After 6 hours in total, the meat is beautifully tender, (you may give it more or less time according to taste).
    6. Add gravy granules or cornflour to the gravy to thicken it up, if you like.


    I hope you all have fun with this. It's so easy and virtually foolproof. I know 6 hours is a long time and you may be thinking, "OMG what about the gas bill", but remember the oven is on minimum and this costs no more to cook than it does to cremate the thing at full blast! And you can impress those that have no faith in you!!! Good luck, Steve.

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    This was a piece of cake and was absolutely wonderful. I have electric fan oven and put oven at 160 for first half hour then turned down to 150 for 2.5 hours or thereabouts. I left it to rest for about 15 mins. This is only a guideline as depends on size of joint.  -  08 Apr 2013


    Fantastic.. Was given the link to this by some tool from Aberdeen ......turns out he was right on the money!! I done it (silverside joint) in the slow cooker crock pot on the low settings 4hrs then slice & returned to the pot for a further 2-3 hrs. the beef was tender & the juices made a lovely gravy....I did add a some cut onion to the pot to sit the beef to prevent burning at the bottom of the beef. The onion should be mashed into the juices once the beef it cooked to maximise the flavor in the gravy....I will now never cook roast beef any other way!  -  08 Jun 2015


    I am going to try this in the slowcooker (the little plug in ones) as it sounds delicious and its my first roast away from home.  -  09 Mar 2015