Radio Solents Naked Jam Mint Jelly

    This recipe is a tried and tested year in year out being made in the Autumn harvest in anticipation of Spring Lamb the following year. Although we used to make enough to enjoy all year around. You can chop and change the flavour of this recipe using different herbs. But its best served with meats, but is also delicious served with ice cream!


    Hampshire, England, UK
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    • I kg of Cooking apples
    • 2 Handfuls of fresh mint(one chopped)
    • Your need about 450g of sugar per 568ml of strained juice.


    1. Wash you apples chop them up keeping the whole apple core skin etc however do and discarded any very brushed and any bad pieces.
    2. Place in a large saucepan with enough water to cover the apples chop up 1 hand full of mint and add to the apples cook until the apples have turned to mush. (20-40min)
    3. Place the apples in a jelly bag (Lakeland have a good selection of these)
    4. Let it drip overnight (don’t be tempted to speed up the process by squeezing the bag, it will make your jelly cloudy)
    5. Measure the strained juice and warm in sauce pan add appropriate amount of sugar.(Stir continuously, until the sugar has dissolved )
    6. Bring to the boil until setting point is reach this can be between 20-40 mins, this time really depends on the apples.

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