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Anzac Biscuits

A traditional, crunchy biscuit which was created by the Australian and New Zealand troops during WWI.
Reviews (10)

06 Nov 2010
keysnatcher said:
Used different ingredients. I didn't have any dessicated coconut so I used ground almond instead, in the same quantity. I doubled the amount of golden syrup. Very tasty!
26 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: PandaSmile
I have been searching for a perfect recipe for this biscuits for ages! Makes the best biscuits ever, cannot get enough of them!
14 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: pieppiep
I made these to use up some dessicated coconut that was heading out of date and they were amazing! Well, I say 'they', but I really mean the amorphous sheet of oat and coconut that covered the baking tray because I thought the mixture looked too dry and added some more water... Despite this little mishap, the result was absolutely delicious and had everyone in the house fighting over it - I would definitely make again, but without adding extra water next time!
23 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: kelz29
Easy to make and very yummy, my bf likened them to Fox's Golden Crunch.
24 May 2012
Reviewed by: RebeccaD
Easy to make and lovely biscuits. Will definitely be making these again soon. I halved the mixture because I didnt want that many biscuits but wish I hadnt as we had people come by unexpectedly and they all loved the biscuits, so they were all gone very quickly.
29 Apr 2018
Reviewed by: eediebeedie
Easy to make and lovely to eat, I dont think I will be buying many biscuits in the future,as these were loved by everybody who tried them.
18 Sep 2016
Reviewed by: Shamrock195
I baked them absolutely to the recipe but they didn't come out as biscuits. They spread massively to one big sheet that hardened really fast. I had to scrape it of and reshape them. Despite this, they tasted amazing, I would like to make them again but I don't know how to make them actually like biscuits.
04 Oct 2014
Reviewed by: KP_Berkshire
Beautiful recipe - chewy and syrupy (not that that's a word!) I doubled the recipe to make 40 biscuits and ended up with 80. These measures go far further than you think!
29 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: GillTaber
You wouldn't believe the hash I made of these! I got distracted by my cat and read 200ml instead of 2 tbsp! However, after copious additions of flour, I recovered them and they still tasted good, so the real thing must be brilliant and I will have them next time :D
14 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: ficklelouf
So I put my first tray in the oven. Was concerned that they were not going to flatten out so squashed them down more. Didn't need to to that, should have trusted the instructions, they came out okay but like a flat biscuit. 2nd tray left alone and they came out perfect. These are delicious


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