Perfect Chicken Soup

    A rich, creamy soup with succulent meat, tasty vegetables and various spices.


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    • Two chicken/turkey breast fillets (diced)
    • Two onion stock cubes
    • One onion (diced)
    • 500g potatoes (peeled and diced)
    • One clove of garlic
    • 750ml water
    • Salt and pepper, a pinch, or to taste
    • 70g butter
    • 4/5 tablespoons of flour
    • Any other vegetables you'd like to add, feel free!
    • 500ml milk


    1. Fry the diced chicken/turkey breast for a few minutes on a low heat until most of the pink is gone.
    2. Pour the water into a pot, add the chicken, potatoes, onion and any other vegetables you'd like to add.
    3. Cook on a medium heat for about 10 minutes.
    4. Stir in onion stock, salt and pepper.
    5. In a separate pot, melt the butter over a reasonably low heat.
    6. Sift the flour one tablespoon at a time into the butter, whisking it with a fork. Continue doing until very thick.
    7. Slowly stir in the milk. (I like to pour in a small amount, mix until smooth and then pour a small amount more, etc...)
    8. Once all the milk has been added, stir for a further five minutes or so until creamy and thick.
    9. Finally, stir the milk mixture into the other pot and leave for another 30 minutes or so on a low heat. Serve immediately and enjoy :)


    - Feel free to use any kind of stock in the soup, I just prefer onion! - Use as many various vegetables as you'd like to add more flavouring! - if you don't have any onion or garlic, chive is a perfect combination of the two! - I normally use chicken or turkey but things like cooked ham would be perfectly tasty in the soup as well - I also like to add some herbs/spices into the soup or the milk mixture. Last time I made it I added Turmeric, Paprika and Mixed Herbs!

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