Cherry Bomb Bakery's Special Sponge cake (With a stand mixer)

    My sponge cake is a light and fluffy vanilla sponge with a cherry jam and whipped cream filling topped with cream and scrumptious fresh cherries :) If you use a different brand flour from what I state in the below recipe your cake will still be pretty damb awesome but to get a Cherry Bomb awesome sponge I'd say use the same brand I use. (But you don't HAVE to...just saying!)


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    • 250g Self Raising Flour (I use McDougalls Supreme Sponge)
    • 250g unsalted block of butter (room temp)
    • 250g caster sugar
    • Pinch of salt
    • 1Tblspn vanilla flavouring (Morrisons own is good or Sainsburys extract)
    • 4 eggs (room temp)
    • 2 Tbspns milk
    • Cherry Jam (I make this but you can buy yours if you like)
    • 100-150g Fresh cherries
    • 500ml Extra thick whipping cream


    1. Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees or 170 degrees fan. (I prefer a lower oven temp as then the sponge has a more even bake) Grab two 8 inch springform tins or loose bottom sandwhich pans (you can use 6 inch, this will make for a deeper sponge) You can grease the tins with some butter and then flour the tins.....OR you can use the Wilton Cake release.....I use Cake Release!)
    2. Place butter into the bowl - the butter needs to be room temperature - if your block isn't room temp just place into a microwavable bowl and into the microwave for about 15 seconds! Do NOT forget it's in there or it will be liquid and that is bad, very bad! You want the butter to be soft enough to mix easily. So, place into the bowl (I use a KMIX stand Mixer) Mix on a low speed until the butter is smooth and looks the consistancy of extra thick whipped cream.
    3. Add in the caster sugar. Now, use a higher speed - I use speed 6. Let the mixer do it's thang and wait until the mixture is light and fluffy then stop the mixer to add in your vanilla flavouring or extract. I'd say, before you go adding the whole tablespoon of vanilla extract add in a teaspoon then mix a little just to combine the flavourings and then taste the mix just to see if you need the whole tablespoon. I always find I do need the whole tablespoon, however, I do always taste the mix before the egg goes in!
    4. Next crack the eggs into a measuring jug and hand whisk (I use a fork, just works best for me!) Add in the milk and, you need to carefully add the mixture to the bowl, IMMEDIATLEY followed by the flour Add your pinch of salt! (I am really making apoint of this as I always seem to almost forget it!) you don't want the mixture to curdle.
    5. If you are using a KMIX stand mixer or any other stand mixer there should be a setting on there that is meant for folding the mixture in together. The folding setting stops after 18 turns but I put it back on for another 18 then I check it and usually its perfectly and light and you can really tell that the mixture will turn out to make a perfect light sponge.
    6. Grab a metal spoon and either scrape or spoon your yummy cake mixture into the sandwhich tins, I prefer to spoon the mixture in :P Once the mixture is in the tins (I always have enough mixture for four cupcakes leftover :P If you do have any mixture left over you can add some chocolate drops and bake the cupcakes afterwards) Anyway, once the mixture is in the tins and you feel that the mix is even it's time to bake!!
    7. Always put the two tins on the same shelf in the oven - if you are unable to get both tins on the middle shelf at the same time you can bake one tin and then the other afterwards.
    8. Check the cake whilst in for the bake!
    9. Usually, in my oven the sponges are bakes after 30 minutes, but, as every oven is different check the sponges with a sqewer or knife...and the knife should come out clean.
    10. Once baked and you are happy that the sponges are a nice golden brown colour transfer from the oven onto a cooling rack. At this point leave the sponges in the tins and i'd say leave them to cool for about fifteen to twenty minutes before turning out onto the cooling rack to cool completley.
    11. Turn out both tins onto the cooling rack and leave the cakes to cool completley.
    12. Next, place one of the sponges on a cake board, grab a knife and some cherry jam and spead the jam on the cake to your desirder thickness.
    13. Place extra thick whipping cream into a bowl and whip until frothy and light, then spoon the cream thickly onto the cherry jam :P
    14. Place the sponge still on the cooling rack onto the cream and cherry jam then add a thick layer of cream to the top of the cake and finish by adding some yummy cherries on top :P


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