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Make ahead turkey gravy

Avoid the last minute rush and uncertainty by making the gravy for your feast ahead of time! This gravy is freezer-friendly and can be frozen or stored in the fridge for five days. Perfect!
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30 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Wyattdogster
Review update: I make this every year and it's a lifesaver for me. Just wanted to share that I could not find turkey wings anywhere this year so I used a pack of two turkey drumsticks, and the gravy came out just as good as it always has! This recipe was a life saver for me, I struggle with gravy and get so stressed out! I made this the day before Thanksgiving as I was prepping as much as I could for the meal. It roasted and simmered for hours and the house smelled just like a glorious turkey was in the oven. I did add some poultry seasoning to the blend. The gravy came out awesomely delicious and all I did at serving time was reheat in a saucepan and whisked in a spoonful or two of the turkey drippings from the roasting pan. Excellent recipe, thanks!
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23 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Jody
This is 5-Star Restaurant kind of Gravy! The only reason that I'm giving this a 4 instead of a 5 is because you need to change your recipe description to warn that this isn't for beginning cooks. The instructions nor ingredients aren't difficult, but this took me (an ntermediate cook) over four hours, and five pots/pans/bowls, to complete. Scrumptious! Delicous! Best ever gravy! But a LOT of work.
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23 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Randi
A little work intensive, but worth it in the long run. I had to make a few revisions. I used a 1/2 a turkey breast as my local market didn't have wings OR legs, which made for less fat at the end. I used a whole stick of butter to substitue and spelt flour for wheat allergic family members. I think that gave it a nice, earthy flavor. I also kept the onions from the roasting in the gravy for continued flavor. I also used lots of fresh thyme as it grows in my kitchen. I will keep and use this recipe again. Very nice!
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11 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: SuzieQ
I scaled this back to 6 because there were only 4 of us. I wish I'd kept it at 10 or 12 because for all the work this took to prepare, I got only about 1.5 cups gravy! I ended up having to add a package of gravy mix and additional pan drippings in. However! Having said that, it was easily the best gravy I have ever tasted! I used most of a small Butterball turkey I had in the freezer (could not find wings anywhere!) but still did not get a lot of fat out of it. I had to use a lot of butter. SO, because I cannot seem to make gravy out of turkey drippings, I will probably use this recipe again. It did get rave reviews, but it was a lot of work, even when prepping the day before the big meal.
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29 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: SITHGODDESS
The best gravy ever. I used turkey thighs and turkey broth instead of chicken, and added garlic to the roasting pan, but did not make any other changes.
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19 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: memichael
I am so grateful for this recipe as I struggle every year to "get the gravy done"! We are attending a Turkey Fry party this year and friends will be deep frying our bird so I was forced to make my gravy ahead of time and boy am I glad I did! "Rich" is an understatement! I did add a little Rosemary when I added the Thyme but that is the only change I made!
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22 Nov 2012
Reviewed by: lizzard
First online review I've ever written because this recipe is fantastic! Last year I was exhausted and smelly by the time I was done making the gravy before Thanksgiving dinner. And for all my efforts the gravy was just so so. This year I hoped to change up my game and made this recipe 3 days in advance then froze it and hoped for the best. I doubled the amount and I had plenty of gravy (I had 25 for dinner). The consistency was very velvety and smooth. I used thighs instead of wings and got very little fat, but I thought that to be a good thing. It reheated beautifully and I received many compliments. It tasted very good and it was such a pleasureto have that step of dinner completed, made things much easier. Will make again and again and share this recipe with everyone.
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13 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Deborah0309
First, let me say I have never , ever made gravy that didn't come from a jar or powder mix. This turned out great. Reminded me of my Gram's gravy. I'd give it 4.5 stars, as I thought it needed some other seasoning beside S&P, but I don't know what would improve the taste. This will definately be tradition from now on
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23 Nov 2014
Reviewed by: mauigirl
This has been my go to turkey gravy recipe for a few years. Yummy! I did cut out a pan this year though. I roasted the turkey wings and vegis in an 8 qt la cruset pan. Reserved the wings and vegis than proceeded with the wine in the same la cruset. Basically, the only pans I used were the La Cruset, a large bowl and colander for straining the broth. I also used an immersion blender to blend the carmelized vegis into the finished gravy for even richer results. I also add the rec. turkey drippings just before serving. I LOVE THIS RECIPE!!!!!
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08 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: JARRIE
This is a really delicious gravy. I re-sized the recipe to 12, and my gravy came out a little thin, so I had to do the cornstarch thing. I'd adjust the fat/flour upwards even when sizing downwards in the future (and sometimes you just can't get exactly 3 lbs of meat without making a special request!) I'd never used wine in gravy before and I really liked it. Thanks for the recipe, this will be a hit this Thanksgiving!
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