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Baked Scotch eggs

These baked Scotch eggs can be enjoyed anytime of the day, and save on fat and calories since they're baked in the oven.
Reviews (44)

04 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: gillyd
I made these at the weekend some of them split during cooking although they were sealed correctly any tips on prevention would be much appreciated. ps tasted fab!!
26 Dec 2011
Reviewed by: Fredthefish
I prepared this recipe using egg mayonnaise (chopped egg, mayo, dijon, cayenne pepper, salt) as I've always disliked the whole egg scotch eggs; hard boiled egg is boring. Unfortunately this resulted in them splitting open in the oven. Any ideas on how I can prevent this from happening?
31 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: kitchenkitten
Easy to do, but instead of beaten egg, I used a knorr stock cubemade into a paste with olive oil before rollinf in breadcrums. This makes a fabulous savoury crunchy coating!
08 Jun 2011
LynnieK said:
Just made this and they turned out lovely. I added a lot of coarse ground black pepper and a couple tablespoons of Worcester sauce. Think next time I'll add a splash of Tabasco sauce just to give it an extra kick. The sausagemeat I used was Richmond sausages. It's very smooth, so if you like a coarser sausagemeat, probably best to use Cumbrian or butchers own. Cheers for the recipe!
21 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: minidriver72
Great recipe easy to do although I might use clingfilm to help wrap the sausage meat round the egg. Really tasty good results
03 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: BakingNana
This is a very nice recipe and I love that you bake them instead of frying. Thanks!
03 Jan 2010
rainydb said:
Used different ingredients. used cumberland sausages skinned and added a teaspoon of fresh thyme. My kids don't like whole egg so hard-boiled them, mahed them up with a little creme fraiche and rolled into balls then followed recipe. Works a treat. Well worth the effort and will make you wonder why you ever bought them from shops!
03 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: mumeem
Love these, my mum has made these forever-nice to have a recipe I can follow now! Lovely with chips and veg, or salad.. Love the idea of mixing things into the crumbs too! Yummy
19 Mar 2013
Reviewed by: glasgowegg
Excellent recipe, very easy to follow. As a slight variation I substituted Creme Eggs for eggs.
11 Jul 2011
Reviewed by: 1542elsie
Really tasty, much better than shop bought ones. Will add some herbs or chilli to the sausagemeat next time for a bit of a kick. Hubby loved it (and he doesnt like scotch eggs!)


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