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Wholemeal banana pancakes

After trying and tweaking several different pancake recipes, I'm very happy with this one. The oats add texture, the bananas make them sweet and the wholemeal flour and ground almonds add protein making them more filling. My kids love these pancakes on a Saturday morning!
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19 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
I make this recipe only I use wheat germ instead of almond flour. I also like to use buttermilk or "soured" milk. This is one of our favorite pancake recipes--it always turns out fluffy with a wonderful texture. NOTE: Because this recipe calls for wheat flour and oats, let the batter sit for fifteen minutes before using so that it has time to soak up some of the liquid and fluff up.
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21 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: Holiday Baker
We are not much of a pancake eating family, but I like to try new recipes, occasionally, especially if they are healthy. I rate this a 5 for healthy. It is made with all whole grains and has no refined sugar. Although, I had to use an emulsion blender to get the banana fully blended. However, taste, its not bad but would be better with strawberry or other fruit topping or whipped cream. It just needs something. Also, wasn't too sure how I felt about the almond flour. The submitter referred to it as a crispiness, I thought it was more of an after texture with the almond bits. I would opt to not add that on a similar recipe, even though it is healthy protein. Only change I made was using white whole wheat flour. I got 7 pancakes.
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09 Oct 2013
Reviewed by: ism
I used nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt instead of milk, doubled the oats, and added 1/8 cup of honey. Delicious.
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24 Mar 2013
Reviewed by: Cheri M. Smith
These were wonderful. I used organic unbleached flour because it's what I had, but plan to use wheat germ next time to replace the almond meal.I doubled the oats, halved the salt, used milk soured with lemon juice. I let the batter rest 15 minutes as suggested. My husband and I both loved them.
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07 Jul 2013
Reviewed by: lisa504
I subbed wheat germ, added cinnamon, and let the mixture sit 10 minutes or so (thanks Sara Jo!). I also used quick oats. The result was fluffy, moist but hearty pancakes with a mild banana flavor. Next time, I'll add more banana (not mashed up as much), more cinnamon, leave out the canola oil, and use sour milk. I topped with a fresh blackberry sauce which suited the pancakes great, but the possibilities are endless. Plain honey drizzled on top, chocolate chips mixed into the batter, blueberry sauce....they are also great plain!
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24 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: Marianne
I made this according to the recipe, but I think next time I would add a little more oatmeal and use buttermilk. These do have a great flavor, but they do need a little sweetness. I'm sure my granddaughters will inhale these. I did make mine a little smaller than called for, but that's just because of my "audience." Thanks for the recipe!
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01 Nov 2014
Reviewed by: lizalou
Yum!! We tried adding peanut butter chips to some and chocolate chips to some. All were excellent!
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08 Jun 2014
Reviewed by: pete
Excellent. Didn't have milk but had almond milk. Tasted great. This week I cooked a peeled apple with steam and the substituted it for the banana and added some cinnamon. Ooooohhh yeah,
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22 Jun 2013
Reviewed by: Gwen
My family really liked these pancakes. I took another reviewers suggestion and "soured" my milk by adding 2 Tbls of vinegar and let it sit for about 5 minutes before adding the other ingredients. This makes the pancakes fluffy. Next time I will also add a little sugar.
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25 Feb 2019
Reviewed by: Crystal Hagie
I made it just as the recipe said. I thought these were fantastic
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