Siddy's Cinnabons Three Ways


    My daughters favourite dessert, these buns are to die for. You will impress everyone with its complex appearance but it is an extremely easy recipe. You can also use different dried fruits in your mixture once you are confident with the recipe.


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    • Dough Mixture - 6 ingredients
    • 510g plain flour. // 80g granulated sugar
    • 60g unsalted butter(soften in microwave). //. 1tsp salt
    • 2 eggs. // 250ml warm milk / 2tsp yeast
    • CINNAMON FILLING. 2 ingredients
    • 150g brown sugar. //. 3tbsp cinnamon
    • ICING - 4 ingredients
    • 150g cream cheese (I use Philadelphia Light ) // 60g butter // 1tsp Vanilla essence // pinch of salt
    • 190g icing sugar


    1. The Dough
    2. Warm the milk in a microwave and add the yeast, stir and leave for 5mins. Add all of the dough ingredients to a food processor and mix till mixed evenly. Turn out onto a table top and need a few times dusting in flour so the mixture firms up a little and doesn't stick to the table. If the mixture is too malleable just need in a little more flour.
    3. Place in loosely fitted cling film with olive oil drizzled inside the film so there is not chance of the mixture sticking. I warm the oven, turn it off, and leave the dough in a bowl in the oven for 1hr to rise. The mixture may double in size but don't worry if it doesn't. you can leave it to rise for hours not a problem.
    4. Turn out onto a table top and roll out the dough, add a flour dusting if it sticks to the surface but the dough should be quite moist and may not need the flour. Dimensions roughly 21inches x 11inches. Doesn't have to be exact, you want the dough to be rolled out so it is roughly 1/2 centimeter thick.
    5. Cinnamon Filling - mix the cinnamon and brown sugar together and put through a sieve if lumpy. Rub and warm butter in your hands and spread lightly onto the dough, no need to be perfect, this is just to help the cinnamon and sugar stick to the dough. Spread evenly over the dough. Note you don't have to use all of the sugar and cinnamon. I tend to have a good handful left over.
    6. Heat the oven to 180C
    7. Roll the dough tightly into a snake, you don't have to be gentle so manipulate it so it evens in diameter along the dough. Cut as big or small as you like, I have made 16 out of this mix. Return to a warmed area to rise. Quite handy to have two ovens so you can rise in one while the other warms up to 180C.
    8. Leave some where warm to rise for 30-60 minutes
    9. Put in the oven, depending on your oven it will take between 12 and 20 minutes. The dough is nice enough to eat under cooked so don't panic about timing. I take them out when the tops are browned.
    10. Icing - you can mix this early so you aren't panicking about timing. Add the icing mix to a mixer and mix till creamy, sieve the icing sugar if it has lumps. I melt the butter completely in the microwave before adding.
    11. Once the rolls look baked put on a wire tray and add the icing. Job done. Taste great days after warmed a few seconds in the microwave.
    12. 2nd and 3rd way ------ raisins in one batch, chocolate in another.
    13. These turned out REALLY well. Make the dough as normal and split in two. put one batch of dough back into the mixer and add 100g of crushed chocolate, i used cooking chocolate and crushed it in a bag with a rolling pin. Mix till the chocolate is evenly spread through the dough. Turn out onto a table and repeat the process of making the portions.
    14. The chocolate will melt into the dough and looks like the below. Add cinnamon and brown sugar mix, spreading butter warmed in your hands first on the dough, and roll into portions as with the plain buns.
    15. Do the same with raisins, as many or as little as you like for the other half of the dough. For this i didn't add the cinnamon and sugar mix but rolled the same. They will look a lot thinner but taste great. Put all the portions on a tray and leave to rise for 30-60 minutes before baking as above.
    16. My favourite is the chocolate mix.

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    Great flavours, versatile, and easy. I may experiment with different fruits in this recipe.  -  20 Mar 2016