Tomato, Cheese and Spring Onion Omelette

Tomato, Cheese and Spring Onion Omelette


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About this recipe: I absolutely love omelettes. They are super quick, filling, and.... healthy? Don't quote me on that one but it's definitely better than ordering a pizza

VeggieBethanie London, England, UK


  • 3 medium size eggs
  • A handful cheddar cheese (I buy pre-grated)
  • 1 tomato
  • 2-3 spring onions
  • Seasoning (Salt, pepper, mixed herbs)
  • Oil


  1. First chop up your omelette fillings. I usually just go for tomato and spring onion, but the list is endless. I try and chop the vegetables quite fine, as I want to omelette to quick thoroughly.
  2. Next heat up a frying pan with whatever oil you use to cook, I use either coconut oil or olive oil. I also use a small frying pan, so its a perfect circle when cooked. I heat on a high heat. Here is a step you can do if you would like to try my method of omletting in step 5, heat up the rill to a medium heat.
  3. Next cracked your eggs into whatever mixing container you want. I use the classic glass jug, which it what my mum always used at home.
  4. Next I add my fillings into the egg mixture, and add a little seasoning to you taste. A pinch of each will do, although I usually overload on the herbs!
  5. Pour into the frying pan and turn to a medium heat. Here cook until almost done.
  6. Here you can either flip the omelette or do what I do every-time I make an omelette. Stick it under the grill, literally still in the pan, under the grill. Try to avoid use a frying pan with a metal handle rather than plastic. I have learned from experience that the grill can bubble and melt the handle.
  7. Here the omelette may rise a little and be thicker, kind of like a scotch pancake. And cook until the egg is no longer runny. Check by sticking a knife in the middle. But don't worry if it looks wet, it could be the melted cheese!
  8. Enjoy with more salad on the side!

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