Welsh Pancakes -- Crempogau.

    Solid, thick pancakes from the Heart of Wales -- good for breakfast before a day walking, or working, in the Welsh Mountains. Or you can use them to make sandwiches for your packed lunch. Makes a change from ordinary bread -- though I don't recommend toasting them. These are not lightweight like Crepes, or American Pancakes, Allow enough time to prepare them.

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    • 3 - 4 heaped tbsp Flour (may need more, or less to get the right texture batter).
    • 1 - large to 2 small eggs
    • Half a pint Milk (approx.)
    • Level tsp dried, yeast
    • 1 level tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
    • 1 rounded tsp butter, or oil.
    • Half level tsp salt.
    • 2 level tbsp Yoghurt, or soured milk.
    • Oil for frying, or use a non-stick pancake pan which needs no oil.
    • 1 rounded tbsp Oatmeal, or oat-bran.
    • Toppings -- for cold pancakes -- cream cheese and smoked salmon, grated hard cheese and tomato etc.
    • Toppings -- for hot pancakes -- grated cheddar, thin slices of fruit/veg., dried fruit -- sultanas, sliced prunes. dried apricots etc.
    • On hot/cold. Nice with Christmas Mincemeat at any time of year, with jam/marmalade.


    1. Mix all the ingredients -- except the yoghurt/soured milk, into a medium thick batter and leave it to stand in a warm place until it starts to froth. The batter should pour like slightly thick custard.
    2. About 20 minutes before cooking -- whisk, adding the yoghurt/soured milk. Leave to stand in a warm place.
    3. Heat a bakestone (a very Welsh cooking surface) or flat frying pan over a lowish heat
    4. Onto the pan/bakestone pour a little of the mixture using a small cup, or ladle. You need a round about 6 - 8 inches across. Add toppings as soon as possible once the batter has been poured. Whisk the batter a little each time you make a crempog.
    5. Cook on a lowish heat to allow them to rise. Once the crempog/pancake comes away from the cooking surface, flip it to cook for a short while on the other side. NB. If using a cheese topping -- be patient -- it will stick until it is cooked -- once cooked it comes away easily (at least this is what I find).
    6. Remove and store in a stack in the oven, or serve. Can be eaten hot, or cold. Can be served cold as a sandwich -- use the same fillings as you would for sandwiches.


    Experiment with fillings, or use in place of bread with soups and stews, they are tough enough to dip in soups, and dips. Would go well with my Broad Bean Pate and a poached/fried egg. Once cold, should store in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

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