Bacon, potato and onion broth

    This wonderful dish can be cooked a few different ways but I'm going to be focusing on my personal favourite.. boiling on the hob. It's a taste bud tingling winters day dish full of bacon flavour's. I must add before you read ingredients depdending how big the pot you asing is they may vary in how much ingredients you use so I always point out keep repeating the process until the pot you personally are using is almost full leave a few centimetres.


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    • 5 or 6 white peeled potatoes
    • 1 or 2 pack of smoked bacon
    • 2 or 3 onions
    • Ground black or white pepper
    • Salt
    • Large pot suitable for your hob
    • Water (no certain amount needed)


    1. Peel, wash and slice your potato to the disk shape. Size is up to you I normally do a little thick. And sit them aside in water.
    2. Next take tour bacon and slice in strips keeping the fat on as it adds all the flavour. And again put to the side.
    3. Now take your onions and thinly slice in circle shape again and place to side.
    4. The next step is the pot stacking. Take your large pot and place a layer of potatoes until bottom is covered, now do the same with the bacon and cover a layer over the potatoes, same with the onion sprinkle over the bacon. Before you continue adding layers sprinkle a generous amount of salt over the layer and a little pepper. And continue to layer potatoes, bacon and onion salt and pepper until pot is almost full. I always leave a few cms to stop any bubble overs.
    5. Next fill pot with cold water until everything is just covered and put on a medium head for 25 minutes or until potatoes are soft. Allow to sit for five minutes and ladle into bowls. Can be accompanied by crusty rolls, crusty bread or even normal bread and butter.


    You can also make in slow cooker same process put on high for 30 minutes on high and an hour or so on medium lowish. Can be made and cooked overnight on low.

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