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White Russian cocktail

This is a coffee flavoured vodka cocktail. You can use milk or cream depending on how creamy you like your drink.
Reviews (49)

12 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: karyn8sons
The proportions are perfect in this recipe, provided you use GOOD vodka. If you are above the age of 40, you have probably found a premium vodka you can enjoy straight, or over ice. Use this one! However, if you are in your early 20's and it's more of a challenge just to see how much of the cheapest liquor available you CAN possibly drink and still get up the next day, , then you will definitely want to adjust up the measures of Coffee Liqueur and Cream. I was 20 once. I remember. I'm 45 now and I drink premium liquor at a much slower pace!
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19 Feb 2006
Reviewed by: TequilaGirl
White Russian is possibly the best drink in the world. After making about two dozen I decided that the best proportion is 2 Tbsps vodka, 3 Tbsp Coffee Liqueur, 3 Tbsp cream(lightly beaten, or you can use shaker if you have one), 3 Tbsp milk + lots of ice And don't forget the straw!
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24 Dec 2005
Reviewed by: katylan
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16 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: snarky_harpy
Perfect for drinking while watching "The Big Lebowski." However, I prefer mine with 1 oz vodka to 1 1/2 oz kahlua. Very tasty.
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13 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: Janine
I guess I will have to tell on myself here! I have gulped down more White Russians in my day than I probably should mention! I think they taste better with a double dose of the Kahlua, and are much tastier when half and half is used in place of milk. And just the other day when I discovered I had ran out of half and half, I topped one off with Irish Cream liqueur. It was the best one I had ever had!
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01 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: Sammi D.
Love White Russians. They are my fave card night with the girls drink. I add just a little chocolate syrup taste amazing!!
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25 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: caliboo
These are good with a half shot more kahlua than vodka, rather than equal parts as this recipe calls for. Also, I always use milk, because I always have it on hand.
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01 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: LINDA MCLEAN
I got a margarita machine for Christmas and we used it to make this drink for our New Years Eve guests. Talk about a coffee milk shake!! YUM! I had a bad experience with Black Russians many moons ago so I no drink the coffee flavored liquors, but I did have a taste and OMG was it ever delish! BTW, fat free half and half works really well with this. Thank you!!
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27 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: Jenn
Try with vanilla flavored vodka. Amazing! I was also a bartender for a few months and have put a splash of coke in it. It makes the flavors kind of pop. Its really unexplainable but very good.
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15 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: Mrs.Williams
super good! This was my first time ever having a white russian and I likey!! I made them just a tad stronger and used cream. i think next time I'll try them with milk, because the cream was pretty heavy (but tasty!)
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