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Honey cheesecake from Sifnos

This is a Greek cheesecake prepared with honey and unsalted mizithra or ricotta cheese. These cakes are usually prepared during the Easter festivities in the Cycladic islands, especially in Sifnos and Ios.
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10 Mar 2013
Reviewed by: EmmaWilkins
This recipe was really easy to make and very tasty. However, if you are not an expert at cooking with eggs, then the 4 eggs needed, have to be egg whites. I didn't realise this and spent nearly 10 minutes trying to make the eggs form a soft mound.
29 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: alisha.n
This was my first time making a pie and pie crust, but it turned out well. It was fine with clover honey; I didn't have any thyme honey. The filling never got thick when I was mixing it, but the pie baked well, and my family loved it.
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06 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: Megan
This was very easy and delicious. I suspect the ingredients should have called for egg whites instead of eggs, as only egg whites would form the peaks as described, but since the previous reviewers made it as is, so did I and it came out fine. The filling never gets stiff, but it came out great. Not too sweet, not too heavy.
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24 Apr 2009
Reviewed by: Eleni
Delicious! I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great. Used mizithra.
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11 May 2010
Reviewed by: silverwind
This is a really nice pie, I did mine with a top. It is nothing fancy. It is great for a laid back afternoon alone or with friends. Really quite nice and homely feeling. I thought it was best while warm.
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11 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: GailandDan
We didn't care for the texture of the filling and the crust turned out very tough. May have made some mistakes along the way but still would not make again.
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19 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: JGARR
I never did get the soft or firm peaks. Not sure what went wrong, but it turned out great.
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09 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: Macy G.
This pie was extremely good, though I would recommended that you add a bit more honey, sugar, and flour.
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03 Dec 2017
Reviewed by: Moscha
Good taste but beating the eggs till they had soft peaks may have been too much as the end result had air pockets in the filling which made the texture grainy. Also 50 min was plenty and probably 45 would have been a better time in the oven as the top was too brown. I will make it again but revise the recipe accordingly.
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19 Oct 2016
Reviewed by: cookiebakie
I have to be very frank and admit that I was reluctant to try to make this pie because it just looks very unappetizing to me. But I'm so glad I went for it, because this pie is delicious. This is a recipe that, after one attempt, I have already copied into my "personal bests" recipe book. The crust is the best crust I've ever made, for starters. I promise I will be using this crust for everything from now on. It tastes like shortbread! And the filling, well, I'm not really sure if I got the texture and the appearance right, because, again, if I look at it too closely, it doesn't look like something I'd want to eat, but let me tell you, it tastes great. I whipped the egg whites first, as someone else suggested, but I was never able to get the batter to form the peaks again after adding the yolks, so...I don't know. I hope someone can chime in and let us know how to get that right, because I'm thinking that the baked filling would turn out smoother if we could figure that out. I'm going to have to add a cute upper crust next time. Or at least some little cut outs. I want the pie to look as awesome as it tastes. And really, with a crust this delicious, the more crust the merrier.
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