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Fresh Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

The classic pineapple upside-down cake made with fresh pineapple. Serve with dollops of crème fraîche for a special afternoon tea.
Reviews (293)

21 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: Sarah-Jean
This was my first attempt at Pineapple upside down cake and it worked really, REALLY well! The sponge was moist and and pineapple topping was temptingly delicious! I'll definitely be doing this recipe again! I needed to cook it for longer than listed despite having a fan assisted gas oven but it wasn't a problem!
27 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: Marie_x
We made this in cookery lessons at school! Amazing and simple enough to make.
06 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: Laur3n
13 Apr 2018
Reviewed by: Elizabeth-mayBuckler
Not a good one. Won't be going into my book
30 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: Sharonday
Made this recipe with my 9 year old was quite simple for her to follow and it turned out, in her own words "amazingly gorgeous". This will definitely be on our list of favourites.
18 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: lejoma
A very rich rendition of an old favourite. Enjoyed making and eating it with a dollop of clotted cream .
08 Aug 2012
Reviewed by: Tink-28
Absolutely gorgeous!! Recipe made 2x 7 inch cakes, one for us and one for my grandparents in law........I have been instructed to make this again and soon, ours had all but gone before it had even finished cooling down!!! Thanks xx
13 Nov 2007
Reviewed by: julia on fire
this was a very good homemade cake recipe.... the only reason i'm giving it 4 stars is b/c the topping didn't turn out the way i was very oooey gooey and i thought it was supposed to be kinda crispy .... (i baked it exactly as the recipe said, i didn't lower the temp.) SO READ THIS IF YOU ARE MAKING THIS RECIPE.... WHEN YOUR CAKE IS DONE BAKING AND HAS COOLED........IF YOUR TOPPING IS KINDA RUNNY/GOOEY/NOT CRISPY ENUF FOR YOUR LIKING( you can only tell by flipping it out of the pan first) COVER A PAN IN FOIL AND PLACE CAKE ON PAN (topping up) and place cake in oven on BROIL for a few minutes (depending on how crispy you want it) the pineapple will get a little brown also, but it really helped the topping and still tasted delicious!
(Review from Allrecipes US | Canada)
08 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: Karisma
This cake is absolutely perfect! My only complaint is my family started cutting away at my beautiful creation before I could take a picture to post. I followed the recipe as is. I did add a little, too. After I put the brown sugar mix in I sprinkled coconut on top and then layered the pineapple and added some maraschino cherries to the design. I made two cakes and after they cooled I stacked them. SIMPLY WONDERFUL - especially the cake's texture and the way the candied sauce just melts into the cake without making it soggy. Someone said they didn't know what stiff but not dry egg whites meant. When you hit that foamy looking stage turn your mixer up and keep going for another minute or so. The egg whites will leave ripples and look shiny.
(Review from Allrecipes US | Canada)
31 Aug 2004
Reviewed by: MATTHEW1978
I had never made a Pineapple Upside Down Cake before this one. I was a bit worried at first because there are so many steps, but it all turned out great! I thought the batter was too runny when it went into the oven, but the cake turned out great anyway and it kept for several days in the fridge. I had zero problems with this recipe. I never figured out what "Beat the whites until stiff bu not dry" meant. The egg whites never got stiff, they did get foamy (kinda like soap foam) but never stiff or dry. Oh well. I used canned Dole Pineapple slices, 1 can for the pineapple rings (I used 5 rings) and the 3/4 cup of juice. Other substitions: I used margrine instead of butter and I used cheap-o vanilla flavoring rather than vanilla extract. This recipe rocks, a perfect Pineapple Upside Down Cake!
(Review from Allrecipes US | Canada)


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