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Fried cabbage and bacon

Cabbage and onions, cooked in bacon fat, and served with a splash of cider vinegar – not exactly healthy, but very tasty!
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11 Feb 2014
Reviewed by: blue.dakota
We used a big enough cabbage but between four of us, we would have eaten a lot more. I used 2 onions (one red, one brown) and left out the sugar and it was delicious. I'll definitely make it again.
01 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: rowdy
OMG Jen - Thank you so much. This review is from a person who had to go outside when my mom or anyone cooked cabbage! Could not stand the smell. This recipe is great. The only thing I did different and proably everyone else knew to do this - but I have never, ever cooked cabbage - I did add salt and pepper and covered it to help wilt the cabbage faster. Not for too long and when thoroughly cooked, it was still a little crisp and delicious. I loved it and my family did as well. I am 67 y/o and considered to be a good cook in my circle, but this recipe absolutely tops all of mine. Thank you so very much. A fan!
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23 Feb 2004
I am not sure what those who gave the recipe "mediocre" or bad ratings were expecting. As one can see, it is a very simple recipe with a very simple result. I would not omit the vinegar, as in such a small amount compared to the volume of cabbage, i dont feel that it could be offensive. but i do think it adds a subtle and important flavor. I also suggest increasing the amount of bacon to your taste. I mean, its bacon, so the more the merrier. i used 5 slices. also, this is one of those dishes that makes for leftovers that get better and better.
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05 Dec 2005
Reviewed by: Angel Canon
I did a vegetarian version - loved this dish. I fried onion and a clove of garlic in butter rather than bacon, and added balsamic vinegar rather than cider - it was delicious, will definetly be making agin. (I served it with a cheesy tomato vegetable casserole and it was great!)
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10 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: caroleleah
This is absolutely WONDERFUL. I covered it after sauteeing the cabbage and bacon together. After sauteeing, I cooked 20-30 minutes covered, and put in the splash of vinegar (balsamic, since I didn't have cider), and it was just incredible!!!! I NEVER liked cabbage before, was sort of indifferent towards it, but this recipe is INCREDIBLE!!! Yum yum yum!!!!! This stuff cooks down so very sweet, and I never added sugar...! GOLLY, how wonderful!!!!!
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16 Feb 2004
Reviewed by: Kaye Lynn
We love this stuff! I use an entire head of cabbage, a whole pound of bacon and sprinkle a little garlic powder on the cabbage while it's cooking. I use lots more vinegar than called for and no water, just splash it on right from the bottle. We love the tang of the vinegar. We can make a meal of this alone.
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13 Mar 2003
Reviewed by: Spongebob7
Let's just say that my fiance has never before brought up dinner two hours later and thanked me again. What a hit! This is top notch comfort food. I used butter and omitted the bacon all together. I just can't bring myself to cook with bacon fat - sorry! We used a little extra vinegar as well. This is quick and easy.
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25 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: Caroline
Tastes like chinese food! So delicious! Next time I will add more bacon! this is a keeper and I am 12 years old!!!!!!!
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18 Apr 2001
Reviewed by: wvgal
Very enjoyable. Much better tasting than plain fried cabbage with a little bacon drippings. If you like spicier, might try sauteing some sliced banana peppers with the onion.
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18 Sep 2001
Reviewed by: MIHAELA
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