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Guinness® and chocolate cake

A cool well poured pint of Guinness is said to taste of chocolate, so there's no better combination than a Guinness and chocolate cake.
Reviews (21)

19 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: Diana
This cake is GORGEOUS. I'm not even a big chocolate cake fan, but this is really delicious. I baked in two 20cm sandwich tins and had just a bit of cake mixture leftover, with which I made two muffins. I baked for just under 40 mins and they were perfect. I layered the two cakes, putting some cherry preserves in between the layers. I then made a guinness chocolate icing to put on top by combining 1 tbsp melted butter, 60ml guinness, 1 heaping tsp cocoa powder and then icing sugar until I achieved my desired consistency. Looks and tastes gorgeous. So easy to make too - I just melted and beat everything all together in the pot - less washing up! highly recommended.
17 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: lindsaypickard
Yummy made it into cup cakes and got 48!! cooked for 20 mins and topped with cheese icing - went down a treat. thanx
19 Feb 2010
Diana said:
Altered ingredient amounts. I added just under 400g sugar; more like 350 to 375g
17 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: Scandogirl
Fabulous! I've made this cake three times in the past week and it got raves everywhere! Used dark chocolate and approx. 232g cream cheese. Important! Let the butter/chocolate mixture cool before adding eggs. I baked in two 23cm cake tins. Iced with my own Guinness double chocolate icing, and included icing between the cake layers.
25 Oct 2008
Una said:
Something else. I used a slab cake tin here and shaped the cake into a tulip glass shape, stacked two layers together and stuck together with choc ganache. I used sugarpaste to cover it, just kept some out from colouring the rest black for the all important head. I simply traced the letters and the Harp and cut out of the cream sugarpaste with a scalpel. Looks much more complicated than it really was!
13 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: franbt
Love this cake the best for it I ever managed to find. Made two, one for friends. Mmm
12 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: JENNIFERB
Unbelievably good and moist. Not to sweet. Hearty, chocolately goodness.
28 Oct 2008
sweettooth said:
I cannot wait to try this cake! I may not make a pint out of mine, but what's not to love about guinness and choc? looks fab
24 Oct 2008
fergusa said:
I wouldn't have the talent to replicate this but just looking at the photo is making me want a slice and go to the pub afterwards!
22 Nov 2016
Reviewed by: Chrissie171
Very nice texture - fluffy and high. Loved by all, but too sweet for me. Reduced sugar to 330g but would def go lower.


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